Recycle and Retire

Reducing the risk, maximising the value

When it comes to IT asset disposal, our customers benefit from our wealth of expertise in compliance, governance and industry. Our solutions will reduce costs on in-house processing, staff training and asset storage, reduce the risks of data loss and corporate fines and maximise your residual value from asset disposal. With a full audit trail and chain of custody plus smart reporting and asset stock control, the disposal of your assets is in safe hands.

The challenge

Rapid evolution in the IT industry, and the maturity and migration to cloud services, leaves many businesses facing the ever-growing challenge of managing the retirement of their legacy, and now defunct, assets. This, combined with the broad range of data protection laws, financial governance, and environmental compliance, has created a very fluid situation that is difficult to navigate.

There is a lack of understanding of compliance rules around data and waste disposal as well as industry standards. There’s also a lack of experience in processing these requirements, staff skills and training for asset disposal. This creates a very uncertain environment, leaving many companies exposed to the risks; the risk of data loss or breach, risk of corporate fines and reputation and risk to the environment.

What businesses need is guidance, support and the reassurance that they’re doing the right thing. They need help not only to dispose of legacy assets properly but also maximise the return on end-of-life equipment.

Our solution

Our consultants specialise in advising customers on current policies, procedures and methodologies to mitigate risk, reduce costs and remain secure. Working closely with them, we create and operate a secure asset disposal service which is fully compliant with waste directives, legal regulations and compliance schemes.

We perform initial asset discovery tasks including audits (desktop, data centre and stores), risk assessments and reviews of asset management, regulatory controls, data classification and sovereignty, sanitisation policies and disposal, recycle and resale procedures.

In any IT Asset Disposal programme, there are typically four phases of implementation:

Phase One: Analyse and Review

  • Inventory assessments
  • Space savings
  • Costs savings
  • Residual value estimates
  • Trade-in and reuse

Phase Two: Logistics and Storage

  • Secure premises
  • Secure vehicle transport
  • Asset decommissioning
  • Secure asset collection
  • Effective chain of custody
  • Secure buffer stock
  • Secure offsite storage
  • IT waste collection

Phase Three: Process and Sanitise

  • Onsite and offsite processing
  • Onsite data destruction vehicles
  • Certified overwriting to CESG standards
  • Degaussing
  • Media shredding
  • Full internal audit and system tests
  • Asset factory reset, cleanse, and tag removal
  • Data sanitisation, certificates, and audits

Phase Four: Reuse, Resale, or Recycle

In this stage, Bell’s consultants engage with the customer to determine the final destination for assets, realisation of any residual value via resale or trade-in, or ultimately recycled as base materials. This includes thorough consideration of:

  • Reuse re-engineering
  • Spares and break/fix
  • Brokerage for resale
  • Trade-in
  • Internal sales
  • Charity donations
  • Recycling as waste under the WEEE directive


  • ADISA Accredited
  • Media shredding in accordance with CPNI and BS standards
  • ATF (Environment Agency Authorized Treatment Facility)
  • EA authorized waste producer and transporter
  • Vetted Staff
  • Recycling as waste under the WEEE directive
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