Reduce tail spend and simplify the IT procurement process

Procurement Management Services

Our transaction services save our customers over 30% on procurement costs, by consolidating their supplier base and managing tail spend

Reducing your supplier base from many to one

A company can spend more than 60% of its revenue on buying goods and services, so even a modest reduction in purchasing costs can have a significant effect on profit. Bell procurement management services provides a low cost, flexible, innovative and creative way to offer a single supplier model that delivers value and cost savings across all IT infrastructure and associated services. We do it all for less than the cost of managing a credit card.


The Challenge

C-level executives as well as procurement managers and teams in large companies are increasingly looking for ways to reduce cost and complexity when purchasing low value run-rate items, hardware, or software for their organisations. In companies with strong procurement category management system, managed spend tends to be around 80% of all expenditures, leaving long tail spend at 20%. Often this will be the result of ad-hoc purchases from multiple suppliers, low-value transactions with one-time vendor non-purchase order spend. Not having a tail spend management in place inevitably leads to increased costs and less control over the procurement process. Trying to negotiate and trade with a large volume of vendors, across multiple geographies can be both complex and time consuming. The majority of suppliers demand 30-day payment terms which can be challenging and restrictive. Businesses are now looking for a low cost model that provides value and predictability. They need the flexibility of more generous payment terms and a service that’s measured through SLA to ensure consistently high standards and savings measured against targets to reduce the supplier base from many to one.


The Solution

With a team of procurement agents across Europe fluent not only in language, but also in local regulations and requirements, Bell has access to suppliers that would otherwise be inaccessible to organisations. This enables Bell to provide a procurement service for 15 operating companies in 12 countries with thousands of Tier 2 and Tier 3 vendors, allowing customers to save millions of pounds each year, and vastly improving responsiveness to the business.

Benefits of working with Bell Integration:


Tail Spend Management -Tail-spend is one of the biggest sources of incremental savings available and with cost-reduction on the boardroom agenda. Bell's tail-spend management program helps their customer rapidly cut procurement costs, save time and take back control.


Reduced Risk - Bell act as an intermediary between customers and 3rd party suppliers, Bell takes on all the risk and liability. They negotiate on the customer's behalf, not the supplier, to ensure the greatest savings and improved payment terms.


Simplicity - Gone is the hassle of managing numerous different suppliers across a range of geographical locations. Organisations can rely on Bell as their single point of contact, safe in the knowledge that they have dedicated Bell Support and Procurement teams acting on their behalf.


Fixed Price Fixed Outcome - A Low cost program with a fixed fee applied to all types of transaction.


Quality Assured - Measured by a SLA Bell ensure consistently high standards of service in an agreed time frame.


Bespoke Reporting - With performance and savings measured against Bell's customer's own targets.


Bell's team of procurement specialists always try to consolidate purchasing of the same categories of products into a few pre-selected and approved vendors. This enables Bell to achieve a higher level of savings on multi-buying and guarantees that their customers receive the same agreed service level.

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Silvia Gibellini - Purchasing Manager

We provide a single supplier model with all existing suppliers being managed by Bell. This provides our customer's with a single point of contact for IT procurement which smooths the process, improving efficiency and significantly reducing costs.
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