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Work with Bell to increase performance of your Data Centre and reduce the costs of up to 90%

Virtual server performance bottlenecks are a persistent problem to many enterprise companies. Maintaining server performance whilst optimising cost is a continual moving target.

In order to maintain efficiency, storage must be provisioned to meet peak demands. This leads to frequent periods of costly under-utilisation, and performance can vary within the data center due to a diverse set of workloads.

PrimaryIO Application Performance Accelerator (APA)
Application Performance Accelerator (APA) for VMware is a software which is designed to increase virtual machine (VM) density and accelerate applications in servers by eliminating storage bottlenecks. APA does so by caching application data on server attached flash.

Why use PrimaryIO?


Provides cost savings up to 90% - through leveraging the value of existing IT resources, avoiding the cost of replacing existing technology, through increases in available capacity.


Up to 25 x performance improvements -through increasing the proportion of data accessed through Solid State Drives (SSD). PrimaryIO provides intelligent caching as learning algorithms deliver predictive data access, increasing the proportion of SSD hits.


Improves efficiency- through optimising your existing hardware. Efficiency of I/O to SSD cache allows for a up to 15x the density of your VMs on your current hardware configuration.


Benefits of working with Bell Integration
Bell has established over many years a reputation for data centre optimisation, consistently identifying solutions which improve the performance of their client's systems.

Working closely with their customers to obtain a detailed understanding of their current infrastructure, they assess suitable technologies (including PrimaryIO) that provide the best possible outcome.

Bell’s experience and expertise ensures that upgrades utilising PrimaryIO are performed in a non-invasive way, without affecting the availability of applications. This ensures their customers have access to a solution which resolves Storage-IO bottlenecks, helping them to maintain performance and realise the full value of their existing data centre investment, resisting the urge to upgrade prematurely and unnecessarily.


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