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You'll be in great company


Each of our services are part of a graduated engagement process, leading to either discreet packages of work to perform more detailed analyses, or if desired, complete end-to-end migration, optimisation, monitoring, procurement, or IT lifecycle management.

Agility and Flexibility

Strengthen and Streamline Your Operations

The internet has forever changed the way we do business, and as a result, IT is a critical enabler for growth, employee productivity, and organisational efficiency. Put simply, IT is under immense pressure to deliver more for less. As technology and the web continue to evolve, organisations can easily find themselves lost in the rapidly expanding landscape. Aligning IT strategies to business goals, while ensuring any implemented strategy can quickly respond to changing needs, is quite challenging, indeed.

Bell works cross-company to advise, assess, and define IT strategies for infrastructure, cloud options, and related services.

A View from the Clouds

Which Hosting Platform is Right for You?

IT organisations are increasingly considering cloud services to address the constant cycle of procuring infrastructure, upgrading datacentre facilities, and having to manage an ever-sprawling datacentre estate. Bell's cloud solutions provide a viable alternative to more traditional hosting environments, with the added benefits of increased commercial and technical flexibility.

Rapid adoption of cloud solutions is driven by a need to reduce costs and improve agility. The challenge for organisations is to determine which applications to move to the cloud, and which public, private, or hybrid cloud model to choose.

On the Move

Simplifying Migration with Creative Intelligence

In this modern age of cloud computing, datacentre optimisation, overnight acquisitions and separations, and continually evolving technologies, many organisations will eventually be faced with the challenge of migrating some or all of their workloads or operations. Moving critical business applications - either virtually or physically - is complex and risky.

When considering workload migration, many organisations approach with the same question: Where should we start, and what will be the subsequent business disruption? These concerns, along with a general confusion about the various types of IT environments available, prevent a number of businesses from ever moving forward with migration services. We can help.

Improving Efficiency

The Things You Can't See May Be Holding You Back

Modern day organisations are continually challenged to improve the efficiency of their datacentres. Research by IT analysts reveals that most datacentres have underutilised servers and storage, and still offer unrealised opportunities to significantly reduce operating costs and power, as well as improving overall efficiency.

With constant pressure on IT to continue delivering BAU services, as well as offering new services in weeks instead of months, it is difficult to step back and review the facilities, hardware, and even operational governance within the datacentre. Bell can help change that.

Experience Agility

The Right People, the Right Places, the Right Times

In the rapidly and ever evolving world of IT, keeping up with the knowledge-based demands of technology is a challenge many organisations face. Businesses continually find difficulty in matching the volume of skill sets of their permanent staff with the service needs of their operation, managing with the peaks and troughs of resource demand and often coming up short.

How can organisations achieve the right blend of quality, flexibility, and cost effectiveness from their technical teams, while ensuring contractor staff doesn’t hold them to ransom? How can they avoid high turnaround or the dubious effectiveness of unknown resources? Simple. They rely on Bell.

Boost Productivity

With Our People, Our Process, and Our IP

Bell's team, consisting of highly experienced specialists, offers our customers an extensive range of capabilities aimed at driving continued improvement through creative intelligence and innovation, delivered in a flexible and cost effective model, suited to our customer's specific requirements. We do not employ a one-size-fits-all process. Every business is unique, with individual differentiators and challenges. Bell services are designed to be flexible and agile, to help organisations increase their own flexibility and agility within the IT environment.

Let Bell help streamline your IT operations for efficiency, reduced operational costs, and continual ROI.

A Comprehensive Solution

From Procurement to Disposal

The provisioning of assets, rapid deployment, in-life support, and asset retirement is still a fundamental requirement for all IT managers. With technology continuing to evolve at a rapid page, and more and more devices entering enterprises, organisations are experiencing difficulty managing the IT lifecycle.

Bell offers a single solution, with a one-service contract and a dedicated point of contact. Our asset disposal services hold the highest level of accreditation and have a track record of zero data loss since the service was first provided nearly 20 years ago. We can negotiate the best possible acquisition price when our customers look to acquire or retire assets.

Save Time, Money, and Resources

Reduce the Cost of Procurement

Procurement agents and teams in large companies are increasingly looking for ways to reduce cost and complexity when buying low value run-rate items, hardware, or software for their organisations. Supporting a team of buyers to source these types of products is expensive and time-consuming.

Outsourcing procurement for these products offers value that is underpinned by otherwise unavailable service levels, unmatched savings, and access to thousands of 3rd party suppliers across Europe. A fixed-fee structure, such as one employed by Bell, can bring extensive benefits through a single supplier model.

Bell is an IT services and consulting company focused on reducing the cost of IT, helping improve service delivery and sustainability with a unique approach built upon our people, our process, and our IP.