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Save on third party licensing costs and run your Microsoft infrastructure more efficiently

As an AWS Select Consulting Partner, we can help you take the first steps to adopt a cloud first strategy, or to optimise your existing Microsoft infrastructure utilising the best and most cost-effective solutions from AWS

The Optimisation and Licensing Assessment, or OLA, is a free AWS assessment of your on-premises and cloud environments. This initial evaluation helps organisations to understand how their existing resource utilisation, third-party licensing, and application dependencies will affect their cloud migration and AWS deployment.

Identifying existing Microsoft workloads and where existing licensing can be re-utilised with AWS flexible solutions is key to:

  • Identify licensing costs' savings

    Ensuring current Microsoft licenses are optimised to cut costs prior to migrating to AWS.

  • Achieving licensing compliance

    Gain an understanding of your software assets, usage, licenses, and contracts so that you can maintain and prove legal compliance.

  • Build an effective strategy

    For a smooth and optimised migration and application deployment to future proof scalable and reliable AWS infrastructure.

  • Deliver a migration on time and in budget

    Bell is experienced at helping organisations of all sizes successfully migrate all types of workloads – including entire data centres to the AWS cloud – we’ve developed the methodology, best practices, tools and services needed to transition securely, and with control, to your new environment.

  • Ensure ongoing optimisation and support

    Taking care of every aspect of your cloud environment, including handling cloud-based back up or spinning up new services, we ensure every aspect of your cloud operations run smoothly and efficiently at a fixed and predictable cost.

We will provide you with all the tools, support and resources you need during your cloud migration and the managed services to effectively support and optimise your new AWS infrastructure.