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Together, Bell Integration and Broadcom enable hyperscale data centres and provide all the connectivity, scalability and performance today’s enterprises need to run data-intensive applications both on premises and in the cloud.

Today’s enterprise data centres need to support a variety of data intensive and bandwidth demanding workloads – everything from 4K live streaming to AI – and deliver services and data faster. Added to which, they need to be able to cope with ever changing requirements for virtual server and storage fabrics.

A leading provider of network, server and storage connectivity technologies, Broadcom’s solutions enable the next-generation data centres today’s enterprises need to improve application performance and support a myriad of online applications and services. Its solutions make it possible to:

  • Empower the data driven network – advanced networking, storage and computing solutions capable of handling huge volumes of data to and from storage nodes, endpoints, server nodes and network ports.
  • Deliver high performance connectivity – with Fibre-based technology and switches that makes it possible to scale networks on demand and move data to more places, while keeping cost of ownership under control.
  • Embed security everywhere – protect your systems, network, storage and endpoints from internal and external threats with integrated security defences that reduce risk and preserve business continuity.

Why work with Bell Integration?

  • Broadcom Select Partner

    Bell Integration has worked in collaboration with Broadcom to connect and build the robust infrastructure today’s leading enterprises depend upon to drive enterprise-wide productivity, open up new growth opportunities and deliver differentiated user experiences. Ensuring they have the agility, capacity and network availability needed to handle high bandwidth data demands and drive fast-paced digital transformation.

  • Powering up the Enterprise Data Centre

    We ensure large organisations have all the computational horsepower and storage capacity they need to manage today’s enterprise workloads and support mission-critical operations. Our partnership with Broadcom enables enterprises to evolve their data centre architectures to cope with new and emerging applications and improve application performance. From delivery to and from storage endpoints, servers, top-of-rack (TOR) switches, core switches and more, we’ve got it covered.

  • Connectivity when and where you need it

    We make it easy to keep pace with fast-growing user demand and initiate continuous availability across your network. From high performance connectivity across the data centre and around the globe to assuring predictable application performance with zero glitches for your mission-critical networks, we enable you to scale your network on demand while cutting capital and operating costs.

  • Protecting your digital infrastructure

    From software to silicon, we utilise Broadcom’s portfolio of embedded enterprise security solutions to protect everything from your data centre, internet backbone and cloud based platforms to your public and private networks to improve how you guard against internal and external threats.