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Bell Integration is working with Fortinet to provide digital transformation and high-performance security driven networking and adaptive cloud security solutions

Fortinet delivers industry leading network security solutions that protect your network, users, and data from continually evolving cyber threats.

Digital transformation is driving organisations to migrate their software, infrastructure, and platforms to the cloud with providers like AWS and Microsoft Azure. As this migration progresses, most companies end up with a diverse set of technologies with differing security controls, and with dispersed workloads across various cloud environments. This complexity can often be a challenge to manage, support and secure.

The Solution

Identified by Gartner as market leader in network security, Fortinet provides the industry’s highest-performing cybersecurity platform. Powered by FortiOS, the platform is designed to span the extended digital attack surface to enable broad, integrated and automated security protecting devices, data and applications.

This, combined will Bell Integration’s proven migration methodologies and 24/7 managed services, reduces risk and empowers organisations of any size to move smoothly and securely to the cloud, and control their IT infrastructure, whilst enabling digital innovation.

The Fortinet security fabric is designed to address:

  • Security Gaps - Moving data between secure repositories exposes it to security threats that exist because of differences in the types and extent of security between entities in the corporation’s array of networks.
  • Rigidity - Quickly responding to data needs is slowed down by protocols that differ between network environments. Different rules apply in different networks, slowing the company’s ability to scale in one environment.
  • Complexity - When each environment has its own security tools, protocols and framework, each has to be mastered by someone on the stretched security staff, as well as an understanding of how data can be shifted from one environment to another.
  • Cost - Learning, staying on top of, hiring for, and retaining security staff for each separate environment multiplies cost as well as time.
  • Speed and flexibility - In the public cloud, workloads are dynamic, traffic patterns unpredictable, and business continuity events unforeseeable. Fortinet’s integrated product, third-party integrations with the Fortinet Security Fabric, and our native integration with public clouds, deliver a seamless platform for security and networking.

Why Work with Bell Integration and Fortinet for Public Cloud

Fortinet offers the widest range of purpose-built security solutions with native integration for Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and Alibaba.

By supporting the broadest set of use cases for workloads, we reduce multi-vendor complexity, delivering industry strength capabilities, and shortening time to deployment. Our broad portfolio of solutions and centralised management enables security consolidation and delivers a simplified, end-to-end secure infrastructure.