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Access scalable, on-premise Lenovo IT resources, the same way you would consume resources in the cloud

IT infrastructure is expensive. Not only is it a large CapEx outlay, it’s capital expenditure on a resource that is rarely used to its full potential, as companies over-provision to avoid disruption. A large, on-premise infrastructure can be a challenge to manage and optimise.

IT teams can easily spend their day reacting to problems, instead of proactively addressing the future needs of the business. Technology is evolving at an aggressive pace. Traditional IT infrastructure can lack the agility in responding to the needs of the business, with an inability to deploy new technology fast enough. Organisations have neither the time or money to invest ahead in the infrastructure that can enable transformation and maintain a competitive advantage. Fortunately, there’s an easier way to meet your growing infrastructure needs and eliminate the time commitment and large capital investments in hardware, software and training.

Lenovo TruScale

Is a scalable consumption-based, comprehensive subscription offering, which allows you to pay and access on-premise data centre hardware without having to purchase the equipment.

How it works

Lenovo infrastructure is deployed on an IT organisations premises. IT consumes compute resources as needed, like any other server in the rack. Every month, IT pays a fixed monthly baseline amount and a variable charge based on their consumption of the IT resources (similar to an electricity bill). Resources can easily be scaled up or down to meet usage requirements. Compute usage is metered and measured in kilowatts per hour (kWh), and at any time, customers can access a portal to look at usage (broken out by compute, storage & I/O) to track budgeted vs. actual use. Through this portal, IT organisations can log and manage service-related items.   lenovo truscale

Why Bell Integration?

Bell can assess your existing on-premise data centre or cloud instance, identifying the live applications and workloads, ensuring that unwanted data and software isn’t migrated needlessly. vClarus, our bespoke workload platform, will ensure your migration to TruScale goes as smoothly and safely as possible, making sure your critical apps, services, data and security aren’t compromised. Lenovo provides full deployment of the system, offering 24×7 remote monitoring and proactive data centre management by highly skilled professionals using state-of-the-art tools, systems, and practices.

Get to Know Lenovo TruScale

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The Benefits

  • Cost-Effective - Avoid CapEx and pay only for what you consume, not what you own. You’ll have the convenience of a monthly fee, instead of the burden of huge upfront capital expenses.
  • Flexible - Easily adjust capacity or add new hardware as your business needs grow. Your custom plan gives you what you need, whenever you need it, with no minimum commitment from 0% to 100%.
  • Hassle-Free - Lenovo deploys, monitors and installs to help ensure maximum uptime, ROI, and achievement of your business goals. A dedicated Customer Success Manager serves as your long-term success partner and handles your issues exclusively.
  • Reduced Risk - Lenovo owns the deployment and installation of your assets, accelerating time to value.
  • Security - Maintain the benefits of a variable IT consumption model with the continued benefit of physical on-premises security and control of your capacity and company data. Clients fully own the security policy, ensuring consistent and ultimate control of their IT environment.