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M365 Security Assessment

Consultancy Services to optimise and secure your Microsoft 365 environment

Microsoft security

With cybersecurity incidents on the rise, maximising the security of your people, data and systems in your Microsoft 365 environment now a mission-critical task.

But as the pace of digitalisation accelerates, your IT teams are struggling to find the time or bandwidth to periodically audit or optimise your Microsoft 365 security settings.

While M365 is a highly secure platform, shortfalls in its configuration, support or the infrastructure and network on which it resides can leave your data vulnerable to ransomware attacks. But that’s not the only issue.

39% of UK Businesses identified Cyber Attacks in 2022

Source: Gov.UK Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2022

Businesses need a partner who can

Gaining a deeper understanding of your current security posture is a complex proposition, especially when you are:

  • Moving more and more workloads to M365 cloud – which makes it difficult to know where your security responsibilities begin and end
  • Operating an older M365 tenant that does not have modern security features enabled by default
  • Looking to securely take advantage of new innovations and collaborative working in your M365 environment

You need to ensure your M365 environment is optimised for users while minimising security risks. Which means you need to gain a deep understanding of where your cyber vulnerabilities lie and how to remediate them. And that’s where Bell Integration can help.

M365 Security Assessment

54 Seconds

More than just a security audit. We’ll help you to:

  • Optimise performance

    Maximising your M365 capabilities

  • Gain insight

    Our comprehensive security and technical assessment looks beyond your Microsoft Secure Score to gain a detailed snapshot of your existing security posture with recommendations on how to improve.

  • Identify vulnerabilities

    Gain a clear understanding of where your cybersecurity vulnerabilities lie and how to mitigate these. From misconfigurations that increase the attack surfaces you expose to attackers, to unused or underused security features that could save you unnecessary third-party costs, we help you protect against compromise.

  • Improve security and access

    Apply best practice for MFA settings, Identity Protection, Conditional Access, Defender for 365, Email security and end point security.

  • Elevate collaboration and external sharing

    We evaluate your external collaboration settings and SharePoint admin centre, ensuring your data access policy settings are appropriately configured.

  • Improve governance

    We ensure you’re able to fulfil your regulatory obligations while keeping personal data secure.

Why Bell Integration?

With extensive experience working with organisations working in every industry sector, Bell Integration is a leading global Microsoft Security specialist that is expert at assessing, optimising and managing security controls across the most complex operating environments.

Trusted by thousands of businesses who look to us to enhance their M365 security, we ensure that the implementation and configuration of your M365 tenant is appropriately secured. And that the productivity of users is never compromised.

Performed by technical consultants who are specialists in M365 and Azure, our comprehensive 8-day security assessment reviews every aspect of your setup. Featuring a detailed audit of your M365 platform and its existing security features, we provide security remediation recommendations for:

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Conditional access
  • User access policies
  • Email security
  • SharePoint security
  • Endpoint management and update policies