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Microsoft Modern Workplace

Collaborate, communicate and increase productivity - securely


Boost business agility with an integrated ecosystem of secure applications that sync effortlessly

Enabling your workforce to be productive anywhere, and at any time, is a key driving force for any organisation.

With the latest Microsoft technology, you’ll be able to power and streamline business operations and empower employees to do their best work around the clock.

Built in the cloud, Microsoft’s modern workplace technologies scale accordingly as your business grows. Facilitating enhanced workforce productivity, while maintaining the security and integrity of your systems and data.

microsoft modern workplace

Microsoft’s Modern Workplace enables you to:

  • Initiate – seamless communication across the business.
  • Enable Remote Workers – to connect and collaborate seamlessly, using any device.
  • Automate – time-consuming tasks and workflows to boost user productivity.
  • Introduce Single Sign-on – users sign-in once to access multiple applications.
  • Connect Everyone – to a central document storage centre that accelerates research, discovery and updates to collaborative projects.
  • Work Together – enabling internal and external teams to come together and collaborate.
  • Eliminate – team and data silos.
  • Improve Security – protect ID, business applications, data and devices using integrated cloud-based enterprise-grade security solutions.

Initiate Your Microsoft Modern Workplace with Bell Integration

We’ll help ensure a seamless and risk-free transition to a Modern Workplace environment, providing all the expert recommendations you’ll need to better leverage Microsoft for your business.

Our step-by-step service ensures the safe and secure transition of your existing environment to Microsoft Modern Workplace that’s optimised for your exact needs:

45 seconds

Our solution

  • Discovery

    We assess the readiness of your existing IT infrastructure for the shift, evaluating everything from your network to your data structures and workflows. This entails getting to grips with how your functional and commercial teams work, so we can build process alignment and ensure desired outcomes are achieved.

  • Design

    We’ll identify which Microsoft applications represent the best fit for your organisation, we will take into consideration everything from user access to how communication and collaboration tools will work to design a modern workplace experience for users that delivers greater agility, efficiency and competitive advantage. We’ll also keep in mind that you may want to extend the scope of your environment in the future, adding additional Microsoft modules to meet evolving business needs.

  • Migrate

    We’ll create and configure your new environment, setting up advanced features such as multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, and execute a sequential migration process designed around your unique operations to a tightly defined timeline.

  • Run

    We take care of everything from licensing, to proactively monitoring and optimising your new environment. As well as providing IT help desk and end-user support if you need it, we’re on hand to offer ongoing guidance on how to evolve your modern office to cope with whatever is on the horizon.

As well as ensuring you achieve broad user adoption and maximum value from your investment, we’ll help you create a successful, scalable and secure distributed workplace – now and for the future.

Here at Bell, we understand that initiating a hyper-connected enterprise involves more than just a technological change alone – it also represents a cultural shift that changes the way everyone works. A Microsoft Gold partner, our proven migration services cover multiple touchpoints across your organisation.