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Power BI Consultancy Service

Model, analyse, share and manage data while maintaining governance and control

power bi consultancy services

Today’s organisations increasingly rely on data to make vital business decisions and are adopting business intelligence (BI) and analytics solutions to turn their data into action.

However, adopting a data-driven approach that will boost competitiveness and agility depends on being able to overcome some common data architecture challenges:

  • Data is stored in disparate locations
  • Data is in inconsistent (and incoherent) formats
  • Data requires manual cleansing
  • Data is unstructured

To leverage value from their data, organisations need to find a streamlined way to consolidate and aggregate data from a variety of sources and make it usable with minimal effort. So that they can easily structure compliant reporting approaches and manage the secure distribution of BI across the enterprise.

Power BI Consultancy Services

44 Seconds

We help you transform raw data into visually appealing and meaningful insights that will:

  • Improve ROI

    Maximising your Office 365 capabilities.

  • Reduce complexity

    We set up connections to your existing data sources – Excel/CSV files, On-premises (network drives), Cloud (SharePoint files, Lists, SQL DB) and web (Salesforce).

  • Improve performance

    We create an optimised data model that suits your needs, working with stakeholders to define (and refine) metrics and KPIs.

  • Deliver insights

    We design visualisations, informative dashboards, ensure data refresh happens and implement all the automation and reports you’ll need to bridge the gap between data and decisions.

Why Bell Integration?

As a Microsoft Power BI certified solution provider, Bell Integration has significant experience helping organisations operating in every industry sector to bring together siloed and disparate data and deliver clear Power BI dashboards to users across their business.

Our Power BI consultancy service, delivered by analysts with specialist skills in data strategy and automation, features a three-stage approach that embeds integration, automation and data visualisation processes needed to support informed decision-making across your organisation.

Stage 1 -Initial consultation –We uncover your existing pain points and identify all potential data sources – including any potential log-in restrictions that need to be addressed. Next we define the audiences that will use Power BI and the outputs and metrics they will require.

Stage 2 – Data model assembly – We establish an extract-transform-load (ETL) process to import data from all required data sources and design a data model, testing the ETL and interactions across all dimensions.

Stage 3  – Output and reporting –We integrate all your data sources, transforming raw data into new insights and visualisations that are built on customised metrics and KPIs to create trusted ‘golden’ records. Having implemented enterprise design templates we user test, troubleshoot and iterate to ensure your organisation can proactively deliver the right information to the right people, at the right time.

Finally, we ensure interactive data visuals and reports are securely published to a Power BI web portal that delivers intuitive dashboards that can be easily shared with internal and external users.