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Netskope provides a single platform for SaaS, IaaS, Web and Private access cyber security

Digital transformation is accelerating the adoption of cloud services and applications across every industry sector.  This has led to the volume of attacks on cloud services more than doubling in 2019, as cybercrime criminals transition to the cloud to blend in, increase success rates and evade detection.

Generally the hackers target the most popular cloud services and apps, knowing that its easier to abuse the implicit trust that users and admins place in the market leading products and platforms.

However often the biggest threat to cyber security isn’t an external attack. Over 80% of security and data breaches are internal, often caused by poor working practices or malicious/negligent staff.

The nature of collaborative working and modern applications for comms, cloud storage, file sharing, finance tools and social media all encourage the free flow of data which adds to the risk of a security breach.

netskope cloud security


The Netskope Security Cloud provides unrivalled visibility and real-time data threat protection when accessing cloud services, websites, and private apps from anywhere, on any device. Netskope enables enterprises to extend their data security and threat protection policies to users and data, wherever they may be.

This includes managed and unmanaged cloud apps, public cloud environments, websites, and an enterprise’s private apps hosted either in their data centres or in public cloud.

Taking a new approach to securing cloud services and web traffic. We can provide:

  • Next-Gen Secure Web Gateway (SWG) - Netskope provides a cloud-based web security gateway that understands cloud applications in addition to filtering web usage. The SWG protects users accessing the web by detecting threats such as malware, phishing sites, and drive-by exploits. It also protects an organisation's data from exfiltration or exposure due to risky user activities within cloud applications, or the uploading of sensitive data to Shadow IT.
  • Market-Leading Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) - The CASB quickly identifies cloud application usage and secure data in managed or unmanaged cloud applications. This prevents sensitive data from being ex-filtrated to Shadow IT by risky users, or exposed to the internet from an organisation’s cloud storage platform.
  • Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) - Users can protect sensitive company data from loss and exposure with one of the most advanced cloud-based DLP in the industry.
  • Private Access - Netskope Private Access provides users with seamless and secure remote access to applications in both public cloud and private data centre environments. This scalable solution avoids the need for remote users to VPN through the corporate network.