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Next generation cyber security and advanced threat protection for organisations with a remote workforce utilising Office 365

Your data is on the move – The rapid evolution to remote working, the free flow of data and the collaborative nature of modern applications, (including Office 365), can lead to unforeseen security vulnerabilities.

While the O365 platform comes with security features and configuration options, the native tools do not fully address many of the security issues caused by a remote workforce and a dispersed data set.


Threats to O365

Insider breaches can happen easily, and are incredibly hard to control and manage. They can include:

  • Users sharing sensitive data publicly, directly from services like OneDrive, DropBox and personal instances of apps
  • Accessing systems from remote or risky locations without IT permission
  • Users exfiltrating data by moving it directly from one cloud service to another
  • Users downloading company data to personal or BYOD devices

In addition to unsecure work practises or rogue employees, external cyber attacks are on the increase. This includes advanced cloud threats like Malware, encrypting files with ransomware, and hijacking cloud credentials to steal data.

Why Bell Integration

As Microsoft gold partner, Bell has worked with many organisations planning and executing their migration to O365 and further supporting and optimising their applications and infrastructure for their growing remote workforce. Working with Netskope we can provide next generation cyber security, which provides:

  • Granular visibility and control of cloud usage, including instant awareness
  • An understanding and prevention of risky activities​
  • Protection against sensitive data loss
  • Protection against malware and advanced threats
  • Security across all access methods: browser, sync client, mobile, unmanaged devices
  • Safe use of Office 365 suite of apps