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A cloud-like subscription model for keeping Pure on-premises storage hardware up to date

Too little storage capacity leads to unforeseen expenses and downtime. Too much means unnecessary investment and surplus capacity. The Evergreen solution gives you the capacity and agility of the cloud with the security and continuous availability of on-prem flash-based storage and saves on costs while doing it.

The Pure Evergreen Storage model enables you to seamlessly and rapidly upgrade—often within an hour—without rebuying storage or experiencing downtime.

  • Up to 50% lower TCO over traditional storage
  • 2.5 x greater total storage efficiency
  • Future-proof your data to avoid re-buying TBs you already own
  • Reduce planned downtime
  • Simplified management
  • Upgrade when you need to

Evergreen Storage as a Service

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Why Bell Integration

We have provided Pure storage solutions to many leading telco and financial organisations. As a long term partner to Pure we have the skillset to plan, deploy, migrate to, optimise and manage your storage infrastructure.

With Evergreen, organisations can avoid traditional three to five year rip and replace storage upgrade cycles. For this reason, there is no longer a need to migrate workloads and therefore the risk of downtime and service interruptions is reduced.