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Identity and access management solutions that safeguard your assets, support governance, improve the user experience and prevent security breaches.

Rapid digital transformation and the increase in cyber threats means you need to implement robust Identity and Access Management (IAM) to ensure the security and privacy of your digital assets and processes.

Bell Integration and RSA can help you respond fast to evolving digital transformation demands. Enabling you to adopt an identity-first security stance and initiate context-based access policies to ensure the right people access the right assets at the right time and for the right reasons.

For decades, the world’s most security-sensitive organisations have turned to RSA to empower remote work and future-proof their operations. Its identity and secure access solutions make it possible to safeguard your assets using always-on authentication methods, implement a zero-trust environment, and enable governance-based authorisation.

Together, Bell Integration and RSA make it possible to:

  • Enable trusted interactions between people, assets and machines while delivering a smooth digital experience for users.
  • Simplify security operations with an end-to-end identity platform that won’t compromise operational productivity or user convenience.
  • Deliver a seamless user experience across on-premises, cloud or hybrid environments.
  • Utilise a variety of identity and access control methods.

Identity and Access Management Solutions

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Why work with Bell Integration?

RSA Platinum Partner

For almost a decade, Bell Integration has been helping organisations utilise RSA solutions to manage digital risk and continuously adapt to transformational change.

Our deep technical expertise and capabilities have seen us collaborate with RSA to help organisations large and small address complex security issues and enable new levels of enterprise security. Our proven track record of planning, implementing and managing highly secure environments for a wide variety of customers means we’re able to deploy RSA’s most advanced security to help organisations protect and secure their data, systems, users and applications.

Advanced authentication for your on-premises environments

Giving you everything you need on-premises to address today’s unprecedented challenges, without compromising security, ease or convenience, we utilise RSA’s SecurID to provide you with a choice of multi-factor authentication (MFA) options including:

  • Secure push-to-approve, one-time passcode, biometrics or Fast ID Online (FIDO)-based authorisations for users
  • Tokens that improve network and application access controls in any environment with reliable one-time password capabilities
  • Smart access tools that customise authentication requirements based on a request or entry point’s risk potential

Secure your journey to the cloud

Working in partnership with RSA, we’re able to deploy flexible and adaptive authentication models to secure your organisation across multi-cloud, on-premises, and hybrid configurations.

Featuring automated identity intelligence, authentication, access, governance and lifecycle capabilities, you benefit from:

  • Always on protection
  • MFA and role-based access controls
  • Web portal and single sign-on

Initiate comprehensive identity governance and administration

You need to ensure users can quickly gain access to the applications they need while ensuring your organisation’s security posture is never compromised. We make it easy to secure, govern and manage users across multiple networks and access ecosystems and maintain a continuous state of compliance. With Bell Integration you can:

  • Automate monitoring, reporting, certification and entitlement remediation
  • Centrally manage policy, security and compliance controls
  • Enable on-demand provisioning
  • Identify user access and policy violations, utilising compliance controls that reduce the risk of a breach or non-compliance