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VMware Assessment

Optimise the security, stability, performance and compliance of your VMware infrastructure

vmware consultancy

Rising energy costs and new energy efficiency directives means that enabling enhanced data centre sustainability is now a top goal for enterprises everywhere.

VMware is a highly adaptable cloud management platform that enables organisations to transform their datacentres and rapidly meet changing work needs. However, shortfall in its configuration, support or the infrastructure it resides on makes it a prime candidate for optimisation actions that will deliver improvements in energy efficiency.

Energy prices in UK data centres have risen by over 600% since January 2021

Source: FTI Consulting

Ensuring your VMware environments are in tip top condition and fully compliant is a time consuming and complex proposition. One that demands IT teams regularly undertake specialist checks and assessments. All too often, however, IT teams lack the time, resources, skills or know-how to ensure VMware environments are appropriately maintained and optimised.

Our VMware assessment and operational analysis service gives you a comprehensive review of your VMware environments, together with recommendations on where to improve and how.

VMware Assessment From Bell Integration

54 Seconds

Utilising tried and tested methodologies and deep technology expertise, our assessment service enables you to:

  • Lower costs

    We help you maximise your VMware environment, identifying unutilised resources and infrastructure that can be decommissioned to drive ESG initiatives and reduce energy bills.

  • Gain insights

    Our comprehensive technical assessments helps you drive efficiency and identify any compatibility and configuration issues that could be hold you back.

  • Identify vulnerabilities

    Gain a clear understanding of where your VMware environment may need patching.

  • Improve compliance

    We ensure your VMware environments meet the latest standards and industry or region specific regulations.

Why Bell Integration?

Fully VMware certified and with extensive experience working with organisation in every industry sector, our comprehensive consultancy service maximises ROI for cloud operations, improves operational efficiency and improves compliance and control. Ensuring you are able to reduce hardware and storage costs, right size and balance workloads and minimize infrastructure costs. Featuring over 130 checks, we offer two options for organisations that want to ensure industry standard compliance and best practice for their VMware environments.

Standard Assessment service
We undertake 82 standard checks, providing a detailed report on all VMware hosts and VMs assessed. Our compliance/best practice checks cover:

  • VMware version compliance
  • Driver version and capacity
  • Patch compliance
  • Hardware is verified and supported
  • Supported hardware drivers and firmware
  • Configuration follows best practice around fault tolerance and failover

Following the assessment, you receive a detailed report that includes recommended remedial actions and a breakdown of the time and costs associated with implementing these changes.

Assessment Plus service
In addition to the 82 standard checks featured in our Standard Assessment service, we undertake an additional 55 checks on capacity utilisation and performance. These checks assess:

  • Resource utilisation allows for fault tolerance and failover
  • Resources are being efficiently used
  • Capacity utilisation and management allows for usage changes

Again, you’ll receive a detailed report cataloguing all tests undertaken and recommendations on remediation steps that need to be undertaken.

Low impact assessments
Our assessments are run against vCenter servers without accessing VMs directly.

Comprehensive coverage
Our assessment service covers a range of VMware software products and utilities including vSphere, vCenter, VSAN (Assessment Plus only) and NSX-V and NSX-T (Assessment Plus only).