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Gain an understanding of your software assets, usage, licenses, and contracts to reduce costs and ensure compliance.

Bell Integration, working with Crayon enables an interactive and consultative approach to resizing and optimising your IT licensing, ensuring it is implemented and maintained efficiently and accurately.

Software procurement is often not centralised, with applications being purchased at different times by varying departments across multiple locations.

Organisations often lack the in-house expertise, or tools, to fully understand what software is being used, how to manage and track the software that has been purchased, where it is being employed and by whom.  This complex challenge has been further compounded due to an increasingly dispersed workforce with the shift to remote working caused by the pandemic.

This lack of transparency can lead to:

  • Over or under provisioning of licenses.
  • Spiralling licensing and support costs.
  • A risk of non-compliance and fines due to the use of un-licensed software.
  • Missed opportunities of volume discounts and price breaks.
  • Lack of knowledge of the software ROI.
  • Lack of strategy of the best applications for the business.

These challenges can cause serious business repercussions if not addressed in a timely manner, causing risk to reputation through non-compliance and possible security breaches, fines or loss of data.

Volume software licensing management


The Solution

Licensing, resizing and optimisation projects using the Agreement Optimisation Framework puts IT departments back in control of the infrastructure. It allows strategic contract negotiations with a clear overview to provide an opportunity of 20-30% cost savings once the optimisation is complete.


The Agreement Optimisation Process is built around five key phases:

  • Compliance Phase - A point in time review of the licensing estate, including licensing that is owned and highlighting those deployed and in use.
  • Roadmap Phase - Future plan your licensing estate, taking into account objectives and future growth expectations.
  • Strategy Phase - Employing the Compliance and Roadmap phases, develop scenarios to cover cost modelling and licensing optimisation.
  • Negotiation Phase - Allow stakeholders to strategically negotiate optimal agreements based on both the current and future technology needs.
  • Implementation Phase - Working with all stakeholders to ensure all parties deploy the new agreed structure, driving sucessfull implementation and maximising return on investment.

Why Bell

Bell Integration has been providing software licensing, consultancy, procurement,  management and application support to our customers and partners for over 20 years.

Our vendor agnostic approach and end-to-end service helps our clients to access the best possible solutions and to simplify and continually optimise their licensing estate, driving down costs and reducing risk.