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The Right AI Consultancy with a Team of Tenured AI Consultants Can Make All the Difference in Your AI Outcomes

AI Consultancy

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Engaging an AI consultancy with a team of experienced AI consultants early on in the AI process can ensure successful AI programmes that are on budget, on time, and impact business in meaningful ways

Putting AI to work for you might just require the assistance of a professional AI consultancy, or more appropriately, an AI consultancy with an entire team of professional AI consultants that cover everything from ideation, to PoC, deployment, adoption, maintenance, model retraining, and governance of your suite of automations across multiple business units. No one AI consultant alone could possibly possess the deep knowledge and experience needed across all the necessary disciplines to ensure high quality automations with stringent governance, but a tenured AI consultancy can, especially one with over 300 professional AI staff members and growing.

The reality is an AI consultant alone isn’t enough to ideate, design, architect, deploy, and manage an entire AI enabled solution, let alone an enterprise-wide AI programme. You need a capable team of seasoned AI consultants, an AI consultancy that can provide everything from AI designers to AI architects as well as other AI consultants such as AI integration and automation engineers to make it all work smoothly. There is no substitution for a well-seasoned AI consultancy when it comes to the success of your AI programme. But where to start when it comes to choosing an AI consultancy?

With Bell as your AI consultancy of record you can accelerate your AI programme and mitigate present and future risks

As a professional AI consultancy, we help you cut through the complexities of AI enablement so you can quickly initiate and expedite new AI capabilities that will advance digital transformation across the enterprise utilizing our highly specialized AI consultants and engineers. Whether that’s initiating everyday productivity-focused AI that enables workers to do what they do faster and more efficiently, or the implementation of AI resources that increase the uptime, availability, and performance of your enterprise IT operations in the form of a well designed and implemented AIOps programme, or the reimagining of new and improved customer interactions with AI-infused services that elevate the customer experience, you can count on the AI consultancy practice at Bell Integration to not only get you started, but to get you across the finish line on time, on budget, and safely.

Bell’s AI consultancy, with over 300 dedicated AI consultants and professionals can help you operationalise AI across your business so you can enhance productivity, elevate customer interactions, and transform for growth.

An AI consultancy, or more appropriately, an AI consultancy with a large team of specialized AI consultants, can help you extract maximum value from your AI initiatives and escalate the ROI of AI in the enterprise

Our AI consultancy is comprised of seasoned industry veterans in the field of AI consultancy, some with the longest tenures in the industry, at some of the most advanced and prestigious AI companies in existence, and include AI strategists, designers, architects, and engineers to assist you in garnering the maximum value from your AI initiatives. You need innovative implementation and orchestration of automations in service of business challenges, and with over 300 AI consultants in our AI consultancy practice including industry veteran AI architects and engineers such as integration, orchestration, and automation engineers, you are guaranteed just that, maximum value.

You don’t need an AI consultant, you need an AI consultancy with enough professional AI consultants to move the needle while mitigating business and legal risk

Simply put, not many organizations, including many AI consultancies themselves, are equipped and staffed with the proper personnel needed to ideate and conceptualize, develop, productionalise, govern and retrain todays every growing and expanding AI Models. In fact, it’s worse than that, most organizations lack the experience needed to even understand what that experience looks like. If you want to be on the leading edge of AI for your transformation initiatives, utilizing an AI consultancy is imperative, and not just any AI consultancy, but one with an entire team of professional, and tenured AI consultants so you can ensure not a single step is missed along the way. What you really need is the experience of many distinctly disciplined AI consultants, as and when you need them. You don’t need a one size fits all, general AI consultant bloating your human resource roles, you need specificity of task, and with Bell as your AI consultancy, you get just that. What you need, when you need it, nothing more, nothing less.

Bell as your AI consultancy

Our AI consultancy can help with discovery

With a deep dive into your challenge(s), and with an eye on your data, it’s access, as well as other resources and requirements within your organization, our AI consultancy practice with it’s over 300 AI consultants can help you understand if you are AI ready, and if so, what next steps are, and if not, help you become AI ready so you can take advantage of the accelerated benefits of AI across your enterprise and business, just like the competition is.

Our AI consultancy can help with data investigation

One of the more challenging tasks when it comes to implementing AI in the enterprise is understanding your data. What data do you have, where is it located, what data are you missing, and where to find it to implement AI in pursuit of your toughest challenges and business goals and initiatives. Bell’s AI consultancy can help you understand your data landscape so you can unlock it’s value.

Our AI consultancy can help with strategy

Once the discovery phase, including data investigation has been addressed, Bell AI consultants and AI architects can help design a winning AI strategy and plan. This includes the specification of target AI tools for AI Models, LLM’s, ML, NLP, and more. This plan will be the basis for your AI automation solution development. This phase will also address how you will host, either in the cloud, or on prem, and how you will consume AI in terms of expensing, will you use CAPEX, or OPEX. Many clients are finding it advantageous to consume AI as they use it with Managed AI services and our AI consultancy has a mature Managed AI Service portfolio to help you solve not only your business challenges but your financial ones too.

Our AI consultancy can help with development

Once our AI consultants have collaborated with you through the AI discovery, data investigation and strategy phases, they will pass the baton to in house AI automation and implementation engineers for development of your AI PoC or MVP, minimally viable product. Bell’s AI consultancy houses numerous teams of automation and implementation engineers.

Our AI consultancy can help with successful AI PoC’s

Most AI projects fail at the PoC stage because there were too many unforeseen issues within the AI discovery, data investigation, strategic planning or development stages, issues that our AI consultancy can help you avoid. This perhaps is one of the most important phases in your AI journey. If you successfully launch a scalable PoC, and with our AI consultancy you will, you would have conquered the phase of AI implementation where most organizations fail. Ensure AI programme success by leaning on the AI Consultancy practice at Bell Integration.

Our AI consultancy can help with AI program deployment

Your PoC has gone well, and you’ve demonstrated it’s scalable with the help of Bell’s AI consultancy and it’s consultants and engineers at your side. Now it’s time to go live. Making the mistake of assuming your PoC will roll live well, as did your PoC, may be a disaster, that’s why our AI consultants will be with you every step of the way. No matter how much you’ve prepared, your development environment may be less nuanced than your production. Our AI consultants with their years of experience, have an eye for the unseen. When it comes to production, they are battle tested and have an aggregate knowledge base that would be hard to replicate at other organizations. When you enlist our AI consultancy you put the odds of success in your corner.

Our AI consultancy can help with AI adoption

You have a full working environment, your AI automations and ML strategy is working flawlessly, now it’s time to drive ROI for the business. In most cases that requires high rates of user adoption. Creating an AI adoption plan is critical in the overall process, you need everyone onboard to extract maximum value from AI. All stakeholders, from the C-Suite, to managers, to the people that make your business move, all must buy into the process for it to deliver on the promise. Having gone through this many times our AI consultants can help you draft an adoption plan so that you can help all involved understand how AI in the workplace makes not only their lives better, but the lives of their clients, supporters, and patrons better.

Our AI consultancy can help with AI model retraining

A seasoned AI consultancy understands when it comes to AI implementation perhaps the greatest danger is in assuming your AI model will continue to work as expected in perpetuity. This simply isn’t the case, and skipping the verification and retraining phases of your AI program may spell disaster. Environments change, data changes, and times change. Our AI consultants can help you ensure your AI model stays true by developing and implementing data and model verification processes as well as model retraining processes to address any data or model drift.

Our AI consultancy can help with the provisioning of tier 1-4 ticket escalation resources in the form of Managed AI Services

Our AI consultancy can provide much more than successful AI programmes, in many cases our AI consultancy can provide the necessary human resource counterparts to handle any service or help desk ticket escalation. Bell has been providing outsourced IT support and application support in terms of both managed services and onsite resources to some of the world’s largest brands for decades.

Our AI consultancy can help with governance

The AI consultants contained within the Bell AI consultancy practice understand robust organizational AI governance is critical when it comes to responsibly and ethically managing quickly growing AI programs. A properly implemented AI governance program offers the framework for successful AI programs that are risk mitigated and trusted by all stakeholders. Strong RAI programs future proof legal risk by instituting readiness now so that the ever-changing regulatory environment surrounding AI will have minimal impact on future operations, as built.

If you are looking for an AI consultancy, look to the AI consultancy within Bell Integration, we will be with you every step of the way!

AI consultancies, AI agnosticity, and why it matters

Unlike the early days of AI in the enterprise, when it comes to AI there is no one size fits all solution, each business challenge will dictate a preferred solution based on the requirement. For example, some challenges require solutions that rely heavily on Conversational AI, some Generative AI, and many, both. Additionally different platforms have strengths in solving and automating certain types of processes, for example, call center centric solutions vs AIOps centric solutions. The reality is, AI platform agnosticity is no longer an option to have in your AI consultancy, it’s a requirement, and although many AI consultancies specialize in one platform or another due to legacy experience, you need to choose an AI consultancy that will implement the best AI platform(s) possible, and that may mean implementing more than one AI platform to optimally address business wide challenges. Here at Bell, we are one of the few AI platform agnostic consultancies in existence, that means we can focus on you and your challenges, not the AI platform and it’s limitations with regards to organizational challenges. It’s a paradigm shift in AI implementation, and it’s important to get this right or potentially suffer from failed PoC’s and floundering AI programs that come part and parcel to incorrect AI platform choice.

An AI consultancy can add context to the claims of no code – low code AI platforms

One of the main, but not only reasons you should engage an AI consultancy is the misnomer about low code/no code AI platforms. AI platforms have come a long way in a short period of time and there are a great many ways they help us accelerate tasks with automations, but when it comes to AI platforms, and the claims they make, it’s good to have an agnostic AI consultancy on your side helping you understand what they really mean when making them. One of the claims that an AI consultancy can lend context to, is the no code – low code claim many AI platforms make. When it comes to low code and no code AI platforms, buyer beware. They may be lower code than in years past, but low to no code experience simply won’t cut it when it comes to implementing any AI program, even entry level automations need some hand holding. With the engagement of a professional AI consultancy like Bell, you can be sure you have the skills necessary to handle the automation engineering and implementation your AI solution(s) need.

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AI consultancy and the AI Art of Possible

An AI Consultancy can Help in Transforming the Customer Experience at Scale

Replacing outdated automated voice systems with digital voice agents enabled this multi-national telco to serve more customers, faster and better. By introducing conversational AI into contact centres serving a fast-growing country market, the telco transformed the delivery of post-sales services for mobile subscribers. Today, the conversational voice-based customer service agents handle 100% of call volumes and solve a variety of customer queries with no need for human intervention.

An AI Consultancy can Drive These Outcomes

AI consultancies can provide AI-powered agents that can transform customer-facing operations:

  • Manage 4.5 million calls a month
  • 90% intent recognition
  • 44% decrease in customer abandonment rates
  • Call response time is 2.6 seconds

An AI Consultancy can Deliver Capabilities Like These:

  • Able to solve a variety of customer queries including outstanding balances, plan changes, invoice dates and payment methods.
  • Available 24/7 anytime, anywhere – significantly extending customer service window
  • Customer satisfaction ratings for calls managed by virtual agents equate to those of human representatives

An AI Consultancy can Help AIOps With Flawless Failover Capabilities

This major UK retail bank wanted to streamline how it undertakes data centre (DC) failover testing and credibly attest to regulators it can get critical systems back online, with zero service interruptions. By infusing failover procedures with AI-driven automation, the bank has been able to scale up and future—proof its operational capabilities. In the event of a major disaster, geo-political or climate event, it can instantly switch over to a secondary DC and recover in near real-time. Eliminating thousands of man hours of manual preparation, the AIOps platform seamlessly connects processes, domains and administrative and functional tasks associated with undertaking complex advanced high availability failover and compliance tests.

Today, the bank is confidently able to undertake flawless and fully automated DC failover tests during peak trading hours.

An AI Consultancy can Drive These Outcomes

AIOps transforms operational resilience:

  • Generative AI capabilities automate failover procedures saving hundreds of man hours
  • Elevates regulatory compliance activities at a significantly reduced cost
  • Optimised and automated switch-over capabilities minimise risk and boost resilience
  • Test events can be executed with minimal preparation

An AI Consultancy can Deliver Capabilities Like These:

  • Automation and orchestration of routine tasks and runbooks for hundreds of applications and multiple lines of business
  • Real-time dashboards automate collaboration between IT teams
  • Preparation times for regulatory failover tests reduced exponentially
  • Enables geo-sensitive DC switchovers at a moment’s notice

An AI Consultancy can Help Shape the Future of Roadside Assistance

When it comes to roadside assistance organisations that want to revolutionise how they help stranded motorists, an AI consultancy can help by bringing deep experience in the AI transformation process.

With the assistance of an AI consultancy, and by initiating conversational AI, organisations can now deliver a timely and empathetic response on first contact with drivers following an accident or vehicle breakdown. Providing all the assurance motorists need. Innovative conversational AI uses live data to deliver faster and more accurate roadside assistance for stranded motorists who call for help by phone. Going beyond traditional chatbots, the AI-powered platform identifies the most efficient way to respond to motorists. Everything from using GPS capabilities to pinpoint and verify a driver’s exact location, to automating the dispatch of roadside engineers to motorists and providing ETAs on when help will arrive.

A new conversational and connected AI platform significantly simplifies incident management. Using real-time data and integrations with remote workforce management, inventory systems, and live traffic information, it can identify which service vehicles can respond fastest and deliver all relevant information to assigned roadside engineers and the stranded motorist.

An AI Consultancy can Drive These Outcomes

An AI consultancy can provide AI-powered agents to transform driver assistance: 

  • Emergency calls are answered in seconds
  • Emotion recognition ensures calls can be prioritised and categorised
  • Instant process adaption if callers report an injury or share in-the-moment situational needs (elderly, child passenger or solo female driver for example)
  • Automated membership validation using a single data point (biometrics, mobile phone number, vehicle reg)
  • Drivers are precisely located using GPS

An AI Consultancy can Deliver Capabilities Like These:

  • Eliminates queues and long wait times for stranded motorists, especially when bad weather hits
  • Instantly pinpoints driver locations while on a mobile phone
  • Smart agents identify what callers need, capture data on the vehicle they are driving, leverage GPS location services to dispatch the nearest rescue engineer or tow truck
  • Provides live updates on ETAs for stranded drivers

An AI Consultancy can Help Accelerate ROI on AI Initiatives and Mitigate Organizational and Legal Risk Inherently Found in Almost All AI Program Development

An AI consultancy might just be the catalyst you need for transformation. Whether it’s a new AI initiative you are looking to get underway, or an existing AI proof of concept project that’s falling flat, or you simply just don’t know where to get started with AI in the first place, an AI consultancy like Bell Integration can help. Our AI consultancy and it’s 300 plus AI consultants have the experience you need in in Discovery, Data Investigation & Extraction, Machine Learning (ML), Conversational AI, Generative AI, NLP, LLM’s, Data Analytics, Governance, and more, to deliver the business outcomes you need.

Bell Integration, the AI consultancy you want by your side to ensure you have the right AI Models for the challenges you face now, and into the future.