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AI Consulting Firms – When it Comes to Choosing Among AI Consulting Firms, Ensure Successful Operational AI With Proper Vetting

AI Consulting Firms

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Choosing between AI consulting firms for the best AI consulting firm for your organization can be challenging, especially when you don’t know what to look for, let’s consider what sets AI consulting firms apart from one another

When considering among AI consulting firms you need to undertake proper vetting at the onset of your AI endeavor to mitigate risk and ensure operational success. AI consulting firms may, and can, differ considerably in their focus, skillsets, and approach to AI. Proper vetting early in the process is your best way to avoid additional challenges when deploying AI across the business.

Let’s first look at what you should be expecting from your AI consulting firm so you can start to narrow down the field of available AI consulting firms.

Engaging the right AI consulting firm among the pool of available AI consulting firms helps streamline AI adoption, offering strategic, operational, and innovation advantages. It ensures AI projects align with business goals, enhancing agility and maximising return on investment (ROI) while mitigating deployment risks.

You should expect that credentialed AI consulting firms will have a positive Impact on your business outcomes:

The Best AI consulting firms will have a positive impact on growth

  • Tenured AI consulting firms will align AI initiatives with business goals, ensuring efforts are precisely targeted to deliver the desired outcomes.
  • Seasoned AI consulting firms will accelerate time to market by leveraging consulting expertise for quicker implementation and integration. Adaptive solutions ensure the business can be responsive to evolving CX & EX trends.
  • Professional AI consulting firms will utilise the consulting’s cross-industry expertise to discover and capitalise on AI-powered digital opportunities as well as help identify growth opportunities faster than the competition.

The Best AI consulting firms will have a positive impact on cost efficiency

  • Seasoned AI consulting firms will provide immediate access to a comprehensive team of experts, avoiding the lengthy and costly process of building and skilling up an in-house team.
  • The best AI consulting firms can provide a more efficient allocation of resources, ensuring investments are made where they can offer the greatest return.
  • Top AI consulting firms deliver projects with shorter durations and result in lower costs.
  • Experienced AI consulting firms leverage established methodologies and expertise to lower the costs of navigating AI’s complexities. Knowledge transfer is essential in ensuring successfully executed AI programmes

The Best AI consulting firms will have a positive impact on operational efficiency

  • Experienced AI consulting firms will have you benefitting from streamlined AI integration and deployment. They will use time proven methodologies to facilitate knowledge transfer to get your team up to speed faster.
  • Tenured AI consulting firms have gained practical experience with their work with other clients to avoid false starts, abandoned projects and wasted effort.
  • The best ai consulting firms foster an environment that allows employees to focus on core competency. AI is a rapidly changing domain that can be difficult to keep up with, and specialization is critical to AI programme success.

The Best AI consulting firms will have a positive impact on innovation

  • Experienced AI consulting firms can tap into specialised knowledge and experience that may not be available in-house, fostering greater innovation.
  • AI consulting firms with deep, cross industry experience utilise the latest AI technologies and approaches to stay ahead of industry trends and your competitors.

The Best AI consulting firms will have a positive impact on risk management

  • Experienced, and Tenured AI consulting firms have expertise in navigating the complexities of AI deployment which minimises operational and security risks.
  • Top AI consulting firms offer a full spectrum of AI services and have an understanding of industry regulations and ethical standards, and can provide governance to mitigate legal and reputational risks as well as consider the sustainability and social responsibility aspects of your AI implementation
  • The best ai consulting firms support the organisational changes necessary for AI to deliver value, i.e., change management, training, and development programs.

When evaluating AI consulting firms be sure to consider the following;

  • Expertise & Experience: Have demonstrated success in past projects, highlighting industry-specific knowledge.
  • Technological Capabilities: Utilisation of Latest technologies
  • Strategic Approach: Focused on leveraging AI to drive meaningful business outcomes, i.e. it’s about the business outcome not the technology.
  • Scalability: Have the capacity to handle multiple projects of varying complexity.
  • Geographical Coverage: Can support organizations globally, accommodating diverse linguistic and cultural needs.
  • Comprehensive Services: Offers a full spectrum of services from strategy development and enablement to deployment, governance and model retraining.
  • Innovation: Have a commitment to ongoing innovation, continuously incorporating the latest advancements in AI.
  • Cultural Fit: Is in alignment with your firm’s values and ways of working, ensuring smooth collaboration and communication.

AI consulting firms – The big advantage when implementing Low Code\No Code AI Platforms

LCNC platforms aim to democratise the development and deployment of solutions by significantly reducing the need for in-depth programming knowledge. In the world of AI, the overarching goal is to bridge the gap between the complex, specialised world of AI development and the operational needs of businesses and individuals, making AI more accessible and usable across various sectors and use cases. However, the best way to extract value from LCNC AI platforms is to utilise an AI consulting firm that has experience in implementing LCNC AI solutions. Here is why.

Low Code\No Code Objectives:

  • To make AI development accessible to non-technical users.
  • To speed up the AI development process with user-friendly interfaces.
  • To reduce the need for specialised AI development staff, reducing costs.
  • To allow a business audience to innovate with AI technologies.
  • To Offer a balance between ease of use and the ability to customise.

In reality, there are some challenges with LCNC AI platforms, and experienced AI consulting firms can help you overcome them. LCNC platforms implemented by a proficient AI consulting firm affords you the greatest return. Let’s look at some of the challenges LCNC platforms present.

  • Low-code platforms may restrict application customisation due to their reliance on pre-built components. Good LCNC platforms are extensible through code, but technical knowledge is needed to complete implementation.
  • Integration of low-code applications with existing systems or external services can be challenging. Architecting data integrations in an Enterprise requires technical knowledge, which, if not done correctly, could expose the organisation to data governance risks.
  • Simplification provided by low-code/no-code platforms may lead to security vulnerabilities. Levels of abstraction could lead to authentication and vulnerability management.
  • LCNC platforms are efficient for quick prototyping, but scaling applications can present performance and scalability challenges. To be performant, applications must be designed to cope with user load.
  • Despite the accessibility of LCNC platforms, a level of foundational technical understanding is still necessary to exploit them successfully.

There is good news with regards to LCNC AI platforms, they make the delivery of AI services via AI consulting firms more efficient and cost effective

LCNC platforms are revolutionising how professional services organisations deliver value to their clients. By leveraging these platforms, AI consulting firms can offer faster, more adaptable, and innovative services, significantly enhancing client business outcomes and providing a competitive advantage. Let’s take a look at some of these advantages.

  • LCNC platforms implemented by AI consulting firms enable rapid solution development and deployment, enhancing an AI consultancy’s ability to meet client needs swiftly and cost effectively.
  • The extensibility of an LCNC platform allows for customisation to fit specific client requirements.
  • By freeing up resources and enabling faster development cycles, AI consulting firms in conjunction with LCNC platforms, allows these AI consultancies on behalf of their clients, to explore innovative services and solutions, driving innovation and competitive advantage.
  • LCNC platforms reduce development and operational costs, benefiting both the AI consulting firm and their clients.
  • It can allow teams to be staffed with a mix of very technical and less technical resources.
  • It enhances collaboration within teams and between AI consulting firms and their clients, making development progress accessible to business stakeholders, leading to better project outcomes.
  • Improves knowledge transfer allowing the client to takeover managing the solution if they want.
  • Offers flexible and adaptable solutions that can evolve with clients’ changing needs and market dynamics.
  • Enhances compliance and risk management with built-in features and easy adaptation to regulatory changes.
  • And More

AI consulting firms utilizing LCNC platforms to deliver AI programs offers their clients the best possible experience and outcomes.

AI consulting firms should offer AI consumption in ways customers need to consume them

There are many ways to consume AI in the enterprise from the standpoint of investment. The best AI consulting firms understand there are two sides to the investment\cost equation, the side of the AI consulting, and the side of the customer. Customer centric AI consulting firms strive for a balance between the needs of both parties in a true collaborative partnership. Typical AI consulting firms engage for services with a fee based on a configuration item, with, or without a per event charge, this can depend on the type of AI platform chosen, or the target AI solution. Conversational AI solutions like those for customer service and HR may be charged per event or “conversation”.  Solutions like AIOps are typically built out as a CI, or configuration item, and billed accordingly. When it comes to typical ai consulting engagements, there is a beginning and an endpoint to the engagement between the AI consulting and client that is relatively short in duration.

The best AI consulting firms however may additionally offer a more comprehensive approach in that they will collaborate with their clients for the long haul. They offer more in-depth services to round out the AI engagement with offerings such as ongoing AI management for model retraining, governance, continual expansion of the AI automation stack, as well as offering a team of consultants to help you find more areas of the business that can be aided by the engagement of digital assistants. Further, as is the case with Bell Integration, they may also provide the managed services team to field any, and all, escalated calls that need to be addressed by AI’s human counterparts, and then further, analyze those escalations to see if automations could reduce the incidence thereof. These types of engagements are more fluid, and they also provide for more creative ways of consumption by the client, including hybrid models whereby some of the investment is CI based, and some is event or per conversation based. Look for AI consulting firms that offer more comprehensive services and greater opportunity for flexible consumption plans so that you can have, and consume, AI the way you need.

AI consulting firms – Why Bell Integration as your AI consulting firm

Among AI consulting firms, Bell stands above by combining a comprehensive set of core technologies and services designed to empower organisations to successfully execute their digital-first strategies to drive their desired business objectives. Bell does this with the engagement of it’s 300 strong and growing AI consulting team comprised of some of the most experienced and tenured AI consultants in the industry, many of which started and matured in some of the most advanced AI software firms currently highlighted in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. In fact, with Bell’s acquisition of Amelia’s managed services team, they have acquired some of the finest talent in the industry with regards to Conversational AI, operational AI and AIOps, as Amelia is considered the default leader in the field having, and continuing to win, many major industry awards for innovation in AI.

Additionally, many AI consulting firms provide implementation services as their only offering. Among AI consulting firms, Bell offers a greater breadth of end to end, Digital First services to help organisations drive efficiencies without having to build out core expertise, enabling many organisations to catch-up, and leapfrog, the competition.

AI Consulting Firms Like Bell Offer Clients Truly Strategic AI Technology Partnerships

  • Access to Cutting-Edge Technology: Partnerships ensure access to the latest AI advancements, delivering innovation and competitive advantage for customers.
  • Tailored Solutions: Tailored AI solutions to meet specific client needs, optimising operations and efficiency.

AI Consulting Firms Like Bell Offer Expert Advisory Services

  • Navigating Complexity: Guidance through the complexities of digital transformation and technology landscapes.
  • Strategic Decision Making: Insights for strategic planning, aligning technology investments with business goals.

AI Consulting Firms Like Bell Offer Training & Enablement Programs

  • Empowering Teams: Training programs build internal competencies in new technologies and methodologies.
  • Continuous Learning: Ongoing education on the latest technologies and trends maintains a competitive edge.

AI Consulting Firms Like Bell Offer Implementation Services

  • Accelerating Deployment: Efficient solution deployments through expertise and proven methodologies.
  • Knowledge Transfer: Ensures clients can manage and optimize new systems or technologies post-deployment.

AI Consulting Firms Like Bell Offer Digital First Services

  • Transitioning to Digital First: Seamless integration of digital agents into the client’s operational ecosystem.
  • Managing a Digital First Workforce: Human oversight for ongoing optimisation and adaptability of the digital workforce in a client’s environment.

AI Consulting Firms Should Embrace a Digital First Strategy for Your Business

A “Digital First” strategy is an organisational approach that prioritises digital technologies, such as digital assistants and bots, to optimise processes, simplify tasks, and facilitate decision-making. This strategy aims to harness these digital tools to assist and augment the human workforce rather than replace it, fostering a hybrid workforce where digital and human capabilities complement each other for enhanced collaboration and greater business value. By automating routine tasks and streamlining operations, these digital tools significantly reduce manual workloads and accelerate response times, leading to increased efficiency and improved service delivery all while improving human worker satisfaction as they move to solving more complex, and fulfilling business challenges.

When it comes to AI consulting firms, count on Bell Integration to deliver on the promise of AI for your organisation

Ultimately when it comes to paring down the list of AI consulting firms among the options, you need to look for a solid partner that has a substantial team of seasoned and tenured AI consultants and engineers, preferably with deep experience in the Art of operational AI that includes myriad of experience from AI software platform development and support to the managed services of providing the final mile of automation, the human escalation layer, to everything in between, so you are assured the collaboration can meet the growing skillset demands necessary to succeed with AI, as well as guaranty consulting service peaks won’t negatively affect the delivery of your AI programme . Further, when vetting AI consulting firms, a preference should be placed on AI consulting firms that also have tenured experience in the field of IT managed services and enterprise IT consulting, demonstrating the skills needed to align goals, systems and processes using technology to solve difficult business challenges with regards to critical infrastructure. Relying on AI consulting firms with an AI core competency alone, without the other relevant experience, may result in your AI program falling short of expectations.

Bell can help. Call today or inquire via the form on this page for a no obligation consult.