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AI in HR – Give Employees More of What They Want and Need Whilst Saving Time and Money

AI in Human Resources

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From automating HR processes with AI, to streamlining recruitment and employee onboarding, HR professionals are leveraging AI to automate repetitive tasks and develop a more people-centric workplace.

AI in HR is changing how organisations manage their workforces. From finding and recruiting talent, to surfacing relevant training, upskilling, and recruitment that’s tailored to individuals. AI is being utilised in HR to streamline resource-intensive processes and give employees a more fulfilling and engaging work experience; utilisation of AI in HR is better for everyone.

In response to fast-evolving workforce demands, HR in AI is being used to:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Enhance the employee experience
  • Enable enhanced workforce modelling and planning
  • Streamline the management of HR requests
  • Deliver personalised learning and development (L&D)

AI in HR – Solving complex human resource issues

As a critical internal function that partners with the business, HR is tasked with a myriad of complex issues to keep organisations running smoothly: hiring, onboarding, training, leadership development, performance management, pay, rewards, benefits, hybrid work, organisational design, diversity, culture, and more are all areas of HR that are implementing AI at scale to reduce friction and increase worker satisfaction.

Today’s companies are dealing with a number of key workforce challenges both internally and externally that include a competitive labour market, high levels of turnover, workforce stress, and the need to constantly upskill, reskill and intelligently move people internally.

In addition to working with the business to address these matters, HR teams are also worried about employee experience, productivity and internal efficiency. Yet typically, unlocking the data needed to deliver the consultative insights business leaders need can involve tapping into data that is spread across multiple employee facing systems. The use of AI in HR promises to be the answer to just about every challenge HR teams currently face.

AI in HR: the drivers for AI adoption in human resource management

A 2023 Gartner benchmarking report found that:

  • 52% of HR leaders are currently exploring potential use cases for AI
  • 81% have explored or implemented AI to improve process efficiency within their organisation
  • 76% believe if their organisation does not adopt and implement AI solutions in the next 12-24 months, their organisation will be less successful compared to those that do

Let’s take a look at some of the real-world cases where AI is helping HR to make a difference.

AI in HR – Recruiting and Hiring

From job posting to sending job offers, the use of AI in HR is significantly reducing recruitment timeframes through the automation of repetitive manual tasks. Whether that’s generating a customised sequence of messages and communications that improve candidate engagement and response rates, to tracking and analysing conversion rates so that outreach strategies can be continually refined. AI is also being used in HR to generate job descriptions and screen candidates, saving both time and money in the recruitment process.

AI in HR – Onboarding of Employees

AI is being used in HR to automate and streamline the new hire onboarding process, handling everything from the verification of employee documents to the delivery of tailored induction training. Today’s AI, virtual, digital agents, are being used to answer questions and provide information and prompts to new hires, releasing HR agents to focus on more value-add tasks. Today’s firms know that a poor onboarding experience will result in high staff turnover and a negative employer brand reputation.

AI in HR – Employee Training and Development

Leading firms are using AI for HR learning and development platforms that recommend and serve up on-demand individualised content and micro-learning resources based on an employee’s role, current activity, and development goals in a more streamlined and responsive approach.

With the use of AI, HR can utilise talent intelligence platforms that can evaluate the profile and working history of employees to provide individualised career pathways showing individuals exactly what skills they need to acquire, and who to talk to, about a specific growth path and plan to get there.

AI in HR – Performance Management and Operational Improvement

In HR management, employee monitoring tools are now using AI to identify bottlenecks in worker productivity and detect anomalies or violations of company policy. With AI, HR can also monitor employees’ performance, detecting signs of burnout, disengagement and even misconduct, providing HR teams with data they can use to optimise workflows and proactively intercede with a worker.

AI in HR – Internal Mobility

The promotion and career development of employees is being made easier by using AI tools in HR to source talent from within the organisation. A move that eliminates the need to recruit and train external candidates.

AI in HR – Workforce Intelligence

The use of AI in HR is helping to address Issues like employee retention, well-being, and engagement. These challenges have proved extremely challenging for HR teams to address. Today, AI is being used to assess multiple sources of data – employee surveys, benchmark reports and feedback systems to identify what are the top factors contributing to high turnover. In other words, if there is an issue with a manager, or if compensation is the problem, or even some other unexpected issue. It can also help firms focus on which tenure factors are ripe for improvement: how people were hired, onboarded, and supported during their journey, so that business performance and retention rates can be dramatically improved.

But HR isn’t the only department benefiting from the application of AI.

AI in IT Operations, AIOps, and the AI Service Desk

Running a hassle-free IT service desk was a challenge before hybrid and remote working became the new normal. However, changing workplace behaviours and the growing use of end-user collaboration tools means that IT support requirements have significantly escalated.

Resolving user-specific issues fast – and first time – is key for limiting employee downtime and boosting productivity. But with ticket volumes increasing, organisations need to find a way to transform their IT service and help desk with cost and performance optimisation in mind.

Today’s AI-powered help desk solutions can resolve a number of basic day-to-day end-user queries and requests including:

  • Password resets
  • Outlook configuration and trouble shooting
  • Issuing new/replacing lost equipment
  • VPN management and configuration
  • Set up and unlocking accounts
  • Open, close and manage IT support tickets
  • Provide level 1 and 2 automation and support for IT, networks and databases
  • And More

The utilisation of AI in IT is enabling operators to accelerate self-service, respond to FAQs and provide intelligence suggestions based on a user’s role 24×7. Today’s AI digital agents using Conversational AI can take care of a multitude of tasks. Escalating complex or more challenging scenarios to a live human specialist who is instantly furnished with all the information they need to get up and running fast when it comes to troubleshooting an end user’s issue.

However, AI services for IT needs to be implemented with skill if they are to perform as expected – digital agents can’t function or efficiently orchestrate service resolutions if they haven’t been appropriately and securely initiated.

AI in IT – Why Bell Integration for Your AIOps and IT Service Desk Implementations

Our cloud-based AI service platform makes it easy to implement AIOps and an automated digital workforce at speed and at scale.

Powered by Amelia AI, automation, and conversational AI, and complemented by our highly skilled support teams, Bell Integration’s AI IT Managed Services give you a fast and streamlined way to incorporate a fully ITIL-aligned IT Help Desk and AIOps framework that frees up your IT personnel to focus on more value-add tasks. With Bell Integration your AI programs will be predictable in that they will have fixed outcomes, fixed costs, and be aligned with your goals, timetables, and requirements.

AI in IT – Lightening the Load with Bell

  • A leading retail bank with more than 15,000 employees has automated the handling of password resets, network connectivity, firewall support and the troubleshooting of business applications. 91% of users rated their experience as ‘good’ or ‘very good’.
  • Our AI managed services generate a 30% cost reduction in service desk costs.
  • Tier 1 support tickets can be answered in under 30 seconds with a digital worker.

With properly executed AI programs in place, IT departments can monitor, manage and support Tier 1-4 incidents as well as service requests, configuration and decommissioning services, giving you everything you need to support your extended environment – cloud, physical and virtual servers, storage and backup, database management, networks, routing, firewall security, wireless and desktop management. What are you waiting for, call Bell Integration today for a free consultation to see just how far we can take you with AI!

With Bell Integration you can:

  • Automate up to 80% of routine service requests and deliver services 24×7 anywhere in the world
  • Dramatically reduce ticket costs
  • Initiate automated incident process flows with escalations to internal sponsors and third parties
  • Automate system and service monitoring, reporting, governance and traceability

We can help you monitor, manage and support Tier 1-4 incidents as well as service requests, configuration and decommissioning services. Giving you everything you need to support your extended environment – cloud, physical and virtual servers, storage and backup, database management, networks, routing, firewall security, wireless and desktop management. What are you waiting for, call Bell Integration today for a free consultation to see just how far we can take you with AI!