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Ameila AIOps for AI enabled automation and management of enterprise IT operations and back office systems

Amelia - AIOps

Maximise your investment in Amelia AIOps utilising an Amelia implementation partner with decades of experience in IT managed services for the enterprise

Ameila AIOps is the industry leader in AI solutions for Enterprise IT operations and management as well as corporate back-office systems. Amelia has nearly unlimited AIOps potential when it comes to IT operations and management, enterprise back-office operations, and other IT enabled, employee facing interactions, such as HR. Amelia AIOps however is just one part of the solution you need to maximise the return on your investment in Amelia AIOps. You need an experienced Amelia implementation partner with deep roots in not only managed IT services, but with a long tenure in the automation and management of those processes. Most AIOps projects, those including Amelia as well, fail to meet expectations with regards to deployment timelines, budgets and most importantly, end results in terms of successful AI enabled automations and return on investment. This has nothing to do with Amelia AIOps and everything to do with your choice in an Amelia AIOps implementation partner.

Amelia AIOps and Bell Integration – Choosing the Right Amelia AIOps Implementation and Orchestration Partner is key to the Final Outcome

Let’s face it, when it comes to digital transformation projects of all types, the road is littered with failures, budget overruns, costly long-term delays, and in many cases, completely abandoned programs that once held high promise for IT and business operations in terms of high value returns. So why do technologies with proven track records like Amelia AIOps fail in some environments and thrive in others, after all Amelia AIOps is the clear leader in AI for operations globally. The answer lies with your Amelia AIOps implementation partner. Your Amelia AIOps partner of record adds tremendous value in the process of integrating Amelia into your technology and business process stack. Having the experience necessary to integrate Amelia into your AIOps program and create an environment that allows it to learn processes and apply intelligence increasingly over time to improve accuracy and efficiency in your IT and business operations.

Amelia AIOps experience is just one requirement your implementation partner really needs to help you solve some of your business’s greatest challenges, they need to have decades of experience in solving these challenges without AI so they can accelerate automations out of the box with current knowledge, giving you quicker returns on your investment, and delivering a workable solution on time, and on budget. Leaning on Amelia alone for AIOps integration and automation may lead to stalled projects, and unrealised returns. Bell Integration, as an Amelia AIOps implementation partner has not only the experience necessary to provide the end to end solution from a technology standpoint with Amelia, but decades of providing managed IT services such as data center management, data center migrations as well as help and service desk provisioning to many of the world’s most recognised names in finance, telecommunications and banking, ensuring you can leverage that deep experience in the process of transforming operations with Amelia AIOps.

Don’t let your AIOps project fail, choose Amelia and Bell Integration to empower and fuel the future of your IT and business operations. With Bell Integration you can expect an on time, on budget rollout of Amelia for your AIOps initiatives. Don’t leave success to chance, put experience in your corner, call Bell Integration today for your free consultation.

Amelia AIOps and your AI enterprise – Automate, Innovate and Optimise IT Management and Backend Operations so Employees can Spend More Time on Valuable Projects to the Business

Amelia AIOps can optimise IT management and operational functionality to improve overall efficiency. For example, enterprise IT may have dozens of applications and solutions satisfying countless IT and business requirements, many with dependencies on some of the others. Amelia AIOps can help minimise the chaos and complexities therein by implementing a single end to end methodology that allows for the updating and patching as a technology stack instead of using an application-by-application approach. Further, Amelia for AIOps will continue to improve and automate as it learns from experience, user input, and Bell Integration’s knowledge base for automated managed services. With literally limitless areas of IT available for automation, your Amelia AIOps program can deliver efficiencies at scale driving the cost of IT management down while releasing staff hours that will now be available for more pressing business challenges.

Amelia AIOps enhancing employee experience and productivity – Reduce Employee Frustration and Time to Event Resolution for Commonly Requested Tasks.

Today, employee satisfaction is driving workplace productivity so increasing employee well-being is great for business. Amelia AIOps can help.

When employees spend an inordinate amount of time resolving what are seemingly simple problems such as password resets, Wi-Fi connectivity issues, scheduling time off, etc., Their workplace satisfaction drops, and so does their productivity. That’s bad for business. Amelia AIOps, and it’s conversational AI counterpart in the form of Digital Agents, can quickly resolve these issues on their own, or escalate more efficiently those few issues that it can’t resolve to it’s human help desk counterparts. By freeing up human resources for only those tasks they can’t address, employees get resolutions to their problems in a fraction of the time, reducing frustration, and getting them back to fulfilling, productive work.

Amelia AIOps and intelligent AI enabled automations for IT and back-office operations – Amelia AIOps With Directed Self Learning, Improves Operations Over Time, Leading to Faster, More Efficient, and More Precise Operations

When you implement Amelia AIOps into your organisation you are enabling the enterprise with digital agents that are self-learning, self-improving and always looking for new ways to improve organisational efficiency by making recommendations on areas that might be ready for automation. This self-improving technology doesn’t need to be replaced in a few years as its continuously learning and improving on its own. However if you want to maximise the potential of Amelia for AIOps, if you want her to learn as much as she can, as fast as she can, you need an implementation and orchestration partner like Bell Integration to help her unlock her full potential by scaling and escalating her learning curve with many pre-programmed automations Bell has fashioned over the years for a variety of FTSE, NYSE and NASDQ listed organisations during large scale managed IT programs and engagements.

The combination of Amelia AIOps and Bell Integration’s implementation and orchestration services for Amelia gives you the edge up when it comes to not only high volume, low value IT task resolution and accomplishment, but the ability to tackle more attractive, higher ROI low volume, high value IT tasks such as the spinning up of AWS and Azure instances, launching of development environments, provisioning of additional resources, restarting of servers and services, enabling virtual environments and much, much more. The difference between having the availability of Amelia AIOps, and really running it as it was meant to be, could just be the experience Bell brings to the solution.

Amelia AIOps, AI, and previous investments in enterprise IT and back-office operations – With Amelia at the heart of AIOps for Your Organisation you can Maximise Your Past Investments in Technology and Application, Zero Unwanted “Rip and Replace”

Amelia AIOps works alongside your current compliment of applications thus protecting past investments in technology. There is no need to upgrade to, or migrate to, newer more contemporary, AI enabled applications and releases if you don’t want to as Amelia will create the conduit for access to, and communication between all of them. Amelia AI can handle service desk tasks that bridge multiple systems and applications in a seamless manner enhancing your current application support systems and processes. Don’t complicate the service desk process by adding another application or layer, simply enhance the ones you have with Amelia AIOps and Bell Integration

Amelia AIOps and conversational AI for the enterprise – Accelerate AIOps Solutions and Adoptions with the Marriage of Amelia’s Conversational AI and Amelia AIOps

Let users directly interact with support systems with their preferred communication method by implementing conversational AI for Amelia AIOps. With the ability to communicate via voice, chat, text, and email via natural language to the AI service desk, users can address issues and questions without contacting IT for resolution, saving you countless hours of staff time and resources that can be better utilised for more important tasks. Users can simply ask, or direct Amelia, your digital agent, for the answer to a question, or to perform a particular task, and it will be done efficiently and quickly.

Your Amelia AIOps solution and it’s digital agents enabled with conversational AI can also be utilised for more complex tasks such as system improvements based on preset thresholds, tasks, and monitored events.

The promise of near real time support is upon all of us, count on Amelia AIOps with Bell Integration as your Amelia implementation and orchestration partner to deliver the future of your AI enabled service and help desks.

“Working with a service provider with the specialist knowledge, resources and expertise required to ensure a smooth data centre migration was a top priority for the business,” explains the bank’s”

global head of infrastructure services

Better outcomes – about Bell Integration your Amelia AIOps implementation and orchestration partner

Bell Integration has been in the business of helping companies establish, maintain, and grow their IT services since 1996. Our team of hardworking professionals delivers Bell Integration’s multiple services all over the world, and they do it with unmatched efficiency and enthusiasm.

We continue to grow and have over 550 permanent staff employed at our offices in London, Portsmouth, Wokingham, Krakow, Hyderabad, Singapore and within many of our customers’ sites. Our heritage is in helping businesses to operate their critical technology in a more cost-effective manner, while improving effectiveness in areas such as customer engagement and operational responsiveness.

Today, our work centres on the four cornerstones of IT delivery – TRANSACT, TRANSFORM, RUN and RECYCLE. A full-service offering. Our business is proud to have won a plethora of awards and accolades, including listings in The Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200 and The Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100, Oracle Linux EMEA Partner of the Year and ADISA Best ITAD award. Company founder, Alastair Bell, is well known for his entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen.

Bell is at the forefront of helping companies drive down operating costs and improve their ability to engage with their own customers, either by supporting the growth of their channels to market, or by aiding their responsiveness and service quality.