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With Amelia Call Centre Managed Services from Bell, your Amelia Call Centre can be up and running at scale, fast, and without fail – Managed Amelia Call Centers, Let Bell and AI do the Work

The Amelia Call Centre augmented by Managed AI services from Bell Integration can help you accelerate and scale the use of AI in your call centre right from day one. When you engage Bell’s Managed AI team to help you architect, develop, test, deploy, validate, and improve your Amelia Call Centre services, you are putting the experience of a seasoned Managed Services Organisation with deep roots in Managed AI and the delivery of SLA driven Managed AI Services to work implementing one of your most important customer facing applications, your call centre.

Why Managed AI for Your Amelia Call Centre Implementation – Market Readiness

Gartner has reported that up to 85% of all AI programs will fail or fail to deliver the expected results. Further, a recent survey of CFO’s by Gartner noted that by 2024 half of all AI projects in Finance will be cancelled or delayed. Although this survey looked at AI in Finance specifically, we believe the reasons underpinning this shift away from in house AI implementation plague the use of AI across the enterprise, not just Finance.

Gartner also noted that there is a shift from in house AI development to the outsourcing of AI programs to BPO providers, also known as Business Process Outsourcing. In fact, the use of BPO’s in finance is expected to rise from 6% to 40% over the next two years. There is no reason to believe that this trend of outsourcing AI will continue across all departments, and across all organisations. Managed AI is the answer to the challenges all AI programs face that are being driven internally. When it comes to Customer Service and Call Centres, the stakes are even higher. The reasons for outsourcing your AI for your call centre are the same as they would be for Finance. Your Managed AI program at Bell Integration for your Amelia Call Centre will help you avoid the following.

  1. Understanding Where The ROI lies in Your Amelia Call Centre Implementation – Professional Managed AI providers have the experience necessary to get out of the starting blocks from moment one when implementing your Amelia Call Centre so you can reap the rewards in short order.
  2. Costly Infrastructure and Management – Cloud based infrastructure, management thereof, as well as the prerequisite skillsets needed for the entire AI journey with regards to your Amelia Call Centre most likely doesn’t exist within the current talent pool and finding them in the age of AI is nearly impossible.
  3. Lack of Bandwidth – Most organisations lack the internal bandwidth needed to undertake not only the ideation, development, testing, and validation of an AI program in house, but to further on monitor and retrain the AI ecosystem to deliver the expected results.
  4. Internal Skill Gaps in the Development and Management of Your Amelia Call Centre – Most, and we emphasise most, organisations don’t have the required skills in house to handle the entire process of building an effective Amelia Call Centre program internally, further they don’t really know what they need for skills, so the process of hunting those resources often proves futile.

When it comes to your Amelia Call Centre implementation utilising an Amelia Service Provider with Managed AI Services and experience can mean all the difference between succeeding with your Amelia Call Centre and shelving it. Market readiness is the key and with Bell at your side you can be up and running quickly and at scale. Further, Bell is one of the very few, if not only Amelia Service Providers that can offer a true end-to-end Amelia Call Centre implementation that encompasses the entire process from consulting, to ideation, to development, successful PoC’s, to productionalization, to ongoing monitoring, retraining, compliance, governance, as well as providing the one thing many AI Managed Service Providers simply can’t, the human resources necessary for the escalation layer of your Amelia Call Centre, all in house.

With Bell Integration as your Amelia Call Centre Service Provider You Have to Make Just One Call, Then Leave the Rest to Us