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Artificial Intelligence Training Course

Conversational AI Advanced Project Skills

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To equip you with the skills and strategic insights necessary to master the implementation, deployment, and management of sophisticated conversational AI systems.

Course Description

This immersive two-day course complements technical product training by equipping participants with advanced strategies and skills to implement, deploy, and manage conversational AI systems effectively. The program ensures participants can leverage Conversational AI platforms efficiently to drive project success.

This course focuses on agile best practices for implementation and covers the deployment, scaling, and optimization of AI systems to meet organizational demands and adapt to evolving requirements. Participants will learn how to manage conversational AI projects post-deployment, ensuring their systems remain efficient, scalable, and aligned with business objectives.

Duration & Delivery Mode

2 Day Instructor-led, classroom-based training with interactive lectures, group discussions, exercises and real-world case studies.

Who Should Attend

  • Conversational Designers, Cognitive Implementation and Integration Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Technical Architects


This course is designed for individuals seeking advanced Conversational AI implementation and deployment skills. Participants should have attended the Fundamentals of Conversational AI and completed technical product training.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:-

  • Apply agile methodologies to Conversational AI project management
  • Apply agile best practices for the iterative development and deployment of conversational systems.
  • Implement advanced conversational AI systems within various organizational contexts
  • Deploy Conversational AI systems efficiently with minimal downtime and maximum performance
  • Optimize AI system performance for adaptability to changing requirements
  • Maintain the Conversational solution post-deployment to ensure long term efficiency and scalability