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AI Service Desk

Deliver AI IT support at scale and transform outcomes for users

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In today’s digitalised world of work, IT service desk automation is a must have for organisations that need to resolve issues fast. No easy task when IT service desk teams lack the capacity needed to meet the highly dynamic demands of today’s digital business users.

From chatbots that can handle simple user enquires, to sophisticated machine learning algorithms that can analyse vast amounts of data, our AI-powered IT service desk solutions can transform your IT service desk operations.

Capable of handling everything from simple tasks to complex challenges, our AI-powered IT Service Desk solutions make it easy to enhance your customer support capabilities in a highly efficient and cost-effective way.

Our powerful service desk automation solutions make it possible to:

  • Automatically resolve Tier-1 support issues like password resets
  • Give users 24/7 automated self-service issue resolution options
  • Gain AI-driven insights that reveal what’s really slowing users down
  • Identify high impact automation, content and process improvements that will support users to get productive faster

Deliver AI IT support at scale


Why Bell Integration?

Experienced at implementing digital-first AI-powered solutions that eliminate 60-80% of human IT service desk based workloads entirely, we make it possible to resolve tickets better and faster than ever before.

From resolving tickets autonomously with no need for technician involvement to automating IT asset management tasks such as user access permissions and software updates, our solutions speed up help desk processes and elevate your IT service desk capabilities.

Our AI-powered automations generate multiple advantages. Everything from cost savings to improved workflow effectiveness and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Plus, our solutions release your IT specialists from the drudgery of handling repetitive low complexity tasks. Freeing them to focus on more complex incidents and undertake more high value activities.

Our AI-powered IT and Service Desk solutions include:

  • Event management

    featuring fully autonomous robotic processes, our platform takes ownership of tickets from creation through to completion. End point agnostic, powerful integrations make it possible to handle core IT infrastructure, cloud, network, database or application related issues.

  • End user self-service

    our AI powered platform enables you to automate IT service desk operations and provide self-service options for customers. Conversational AI guides users through requests, queries and issues. Making it possible for users to find the correct resolution without having to call the service desk or raise a ticket.