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AWS Cloud Backup and Restore to Replace Tape

Replace on-premises tape backup with easily scalable and cost-effective cloud back-up

As an AWS Select Consulting Partner we can help you take the first steps in utilising cloud backup rather than traditional on-premises tape backup, a secure, efficient and cost-effective solution from AWS.

Backup and restore management can be a challenge for businesses of all sizes, the sheer volume and speed in which data is generated nowadays can see a tape solution quickly overwhelmed and short on space, or see businesses resorting to vastly over-provisioning physical hardware and in some instances paying for levels of 3rd party services that are not required.

AWS Storage Gateway can reduce the headache of managing backup and restore. The Tape Gateway configuration allows an alternate to physical backup tapes and fits straight into your existing backup process.


Why work with AWS and Bell Integration

Bell Integration are storage and migration experts, meaning our AWS specialists are perfectly placed to guide you throughout your project. AWS Cloud Backup and Restore users can realise real benefits:

Cost reduction

Moving from on-premises backup to cloud will ensure you are paying only for what you are utilising, no additional archival storage costs for physical tapes and a reduced number of hours required for managements.

Ease of use

Storage Gateway emulates tape automation, a tape backup can be performed locally and moved to the cloud. Delivering the performance of local infrastructure with the capacity of the cloud.

Infrastructure management

Storage Gateway is a virtual appliance, no additional physical space is required and it can help replace hardware and media space with a higher-scale solution.

Ensure ongoing optimisation and support

Taking care of every aspect of your cloud environment, including handling cloud-based back up or spinning up new services, we ensure every aspect of your cloud operations run smoothly and efficiently at a fixed and predictable cost.

We will provide you with all the tools, support and resources you need during your move to cloud backup project and the managed services to effectively support and optimise any new AWS infrastructure.

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