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HCL Domino V12

Modernise your Domino Solution, use Bell Integration to upgrade, manage and support your solution

Notes and Domino has become one of the most enduring enterprise software applications of all time. A popular email client and server application with millions of Notes end-users, it’s loved by many for its high-end security features, workgroup tools and ability to rapidly create applications.

For decades, Notes has been the engine driving communication and collaboration within many organisations. But collaboration technology has come on a long way in the intervening years and today relies on richer, smarter, and more context-rich channels that can be used by any person on any device at any time. Failure to address this changing communication landscape has the potential to place your relationships with customers, partners and employees at risk.

As you prepare for your modernisation strategy, you’ll need to consider a number of questions to determine the best direction to take:

  • Are you happy to stay with your Notes platform, but want to make the move to a cloud solution?
  • What are your main focus areas and priorities for change? Client, server or applications – or all three?
  • Are you looking predominantly to reduce the total cost of ownership of your Notes estate?
  • Do you have Notes Applications that you’re struggling to maintain, or need to web-enable to extend their reach?
  • Is the desire for a contemporary user experience one of the drivers?
  • Are you looking to improve staff collaboration, remote access and mobility?
  • Is your company interested in starting a social business transformation?
  • Are you planning to migrate from Notes to Microsoft Office 365, but need help with the project?
  • Do you have any specific migration challenges to handle such as archived or encrypted mail?
  • How can I best modernise and migrate without risk or causing business disruption?

Like many organisations that are running and maintaining mature Lotus Notes and Domino estates, you’ll have invested significant resources in building your Notes and Domino infrastructure, developing custom applications to manage mail, workflow, collaboration and more. Some of these applications may span your entire organisation, while others will be confined to single departments or teams.

Why Work with Bell

Domino V12 can keep your business applications running more efficiently, allowing for continued application development, business transformation and automation in a fast and secure environment, whilst helping drive down the total cost of ownership.

Bell Integration are a certified partner for both HCL and Microsoft, with an expert understanding of both platforms, including the client, server and applications. We keep abreast of the latest developments, and can offer the best suggestions on performance improvements, new features and licensing options.

Bell Integration’s collaboration consultants recognise that technology is ever changing and with new collaboration and social email capabilities being developed all the time, organisations are looking for straightforward independent advice.

We have extensive knowledge to help you evaluate, design and deploy/upgrade infrastructure components to leverage new capabilities offered by industry-leading solutions. We’ll help you determine the right path for your business and develop a viable migration plan – supporting you every step of the way.

Highlights of Domino V11:


Domino App Dev Pack: now includes newer and more flexible technologies, developers can request early access to JavaScript and Node for better integration


Domino Mobile Apps: applications available 24/7


Domino V12 integrates easily with a host of applications and services that support JavaScript and node.js.


Deployed across multiple platforms: on-premise, hybrid or public cloud


Node repairs can be automatically evaluated


Domino applications on Cloud can lower the total cost of ownership by up to 60%


Notes Client is faster and can be individually optimised

To discover more or to tap into specialist skills and support on a short or long-term basis, contact us .

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