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IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

An agile approach to integration with IBM Cloud Pak® for Integration

Predictable and efficient IT transformation has become more important to hedge against an uncertain world. The need for organisations to increase the speed of integrations while lowering costs has never been felt so acutely.

The problem is that 70% of digital transformation projects fail due to a lack of integration quality. Too often, traditional approaches to integration are slow to implement, hard to scale and laden with skill-intensive, complex technologies.

The pressure to move fast with lean teams means that there is not enough scope to be guided by accurate real-world operational data. Yet IT teams face the challenge of ensuring that their organisation’s critical data can easily move from where it is generated to where it is consumed.

Technologies like IBM Cloud Pak® for Integration can help. It delivers a modern, agile approach to integration across the integration lifecycle. Customers report having been able to

  •  speed their integration development by up to 55%
  •  reduce unplanned outages by up to 60%
  •  spend up to 60% less time on management and monitoring

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration includes containerized IBM middleware and common software services for development and management on top of a common integration layer. It helps lean IT, teams to mix their existing and new system development by modernizing core applications to be cloud-native while sunsetting their older systems.

Features & Benefits

Increase productivity

Thanks to low-code and no-code tooling, a wider set of roles can easily create intelligent business solutions, helping reduce the time to market.

Reduce the burden of mapping

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration uses semantic analysis and suggested algorithms to offer mapping suggestions that are designed to make the hardest part of integration simpler, so you can integrate applications and data faster, easier and with greater accuracy.

Connect everything, virtually anywhere

Prebuilt, security-rich intelligent connectors, including RPA, for scraping key details from existing applications, enable effective connectivity on-premises or in the cloud.

Speedy development

Reuse established and previously written applications to speed-up time in development.

API management

Unlock business data and assets as APIs and manage, secure and socialize a broad set of technology endpoints.

Application integration

Connect your cloud and on-premises applications.

Event streaming

Deliver real-time Kafka event interaction.

Enterprise messaging

Deliver messages reliably with enterprise-grade messaging.

High-speed data transfer

Drive faster data transport across essentially any cloud in a security-rich environment.

End-to-end security

Control access to vital resources wherever they are.

IBM Automation platform

IBM Cloud Pak® for Integration is part of the IBM Automation platform, a set of shared automation services that help organsiations get insight into how their processes run, visualize hotspots and bottlenecks, and use financial impact information to prioritize which issues to address first.


Why Choose Bell Integration for IBM?

With over 25 years’ experience working with IBM, we are perfectly positioned to provide comprehensive consultancy, support, software, migration services and technology. Our consultants can design, deploy, manage and optimise your IBM applications. We ensure your IBM solution meets your business needs and can be transformed to achieve your organisation’s objectives.

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