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IBM Cloud Paks

IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management

Today, IT teams face an ‘option overload’ of tools, environments and platforms when trying to modernise their business operations and applications for the hybrid cloud.


The Challenge

The problem is, everyone in the IT team has different needs. Making it easy for the benefit of the few leaves the many managing a bewildering range of applications and environments and disparate tools that often double-up on unwanted features. Worse still, over time, IT teams are expending more energy and burning up their diminishing budgets on business operations.


The Solution

IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management can help. You can replace multiple point solutions with one integrated environment for all your IT team and their differing needs. It includes features that helps businesses keep their applications and operations running smoothly without spending a lot of time and resources on maintenance.

IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management 13.54

Why Use IBM Cloud

Your IT team, with its drastically different roles, can all experience value in the same product. That’s because IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management benefits users with:


A single view for increased transparency


Consistent governance


Application automation, across all cloud infrastructures


Root cause analysis


Virtualised infrastructure auto-scaling


Consistent security and governance policies

All about Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management
IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management runs on Red Hat OpenShift. It is a software solution offering that enables you to streamline business operations, workloads and clusters across multiple cloud environments. The software solution integrates with commonly used tools and applications that you may already have in place for your business operations. You can minimise workflow interruption as you transition applications to the cloud.


Who is winning with Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management?

  • Administrators looking at clusters
  • Site Reliability Engineers working with applications
  • Security Operators looking to get visibility into application policies
  • CIO’s controlling budgets and sprawl

IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management creates a series of intuitive user interfaces that seamlessly brings mixed capabilities into a cohesive experience.


Why Choose Bell Integration for IBM?

With over 20 years’ experience working with IBM, we are perfectly positioned to provide comprehensive consultancy, support, software, migration services and technology. Our consultants can design, deploy, manage and optimise your IBM applications. We ensure your IBM solution meets your business needs and can be transformed to achieve your organisation’s objectives.

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