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IBM Cloud Paks for Integration

Easier Integration For Your Cloud Journey

A top recurring problem for many companies is cloud integration.  That’s because as your journey to the cloud evolves, so too will how all those changing clouds come together. IBM Cloud Pak for Integration is a platform that helps you speed up your integration developments and then manage them with ease.

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration is designed around simplifying the way you connect across cloud vendors and on-premise. It can help you to collaborate between the different application teams and businesses in your organisation and so ensure that they are working together efficiently.

Reduced costs

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration can also help you lower your costs by up to 33%, enabling you to reuse existing applications and services, rather than building them from scratch. IBM Cloud Pak for Integration helps you optimize your application infrastructure. This is because you can run your applications more efficiently and require less processing power to do so, making cost savings in the process.

Reduced team workload

Your IT teams will enjoy a much more cohesive experience with seamless integration. The chance to use pre-built connectors also ensures that time isn’t wasted on re-inventing the wheel and that solutions are available to deploy so much more rapidly than they would otherwise ever have been.

Enterprise grade encryption

Wherever your team members are based, they will all be able to access the right data streams and tools, securely and safely from their devices.

Quick integration

Companies can speed integration developments by up to 300%.

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration is a container-based middleware solution that enables you to integrate your applications quickly and easily with other IBM and non-IBM applications, regardless of where in the world they are hosted and whether on-premise or in any cloud. It reduces business risks, clarifies visibility, and enhances alerting systems to speed up business developments while at the same time-saving money and increasing accountability, governance, and security.

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