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IBM Connections

Use Bell Integration and IBM Connections to improve decision making, innovation and knowledge sharing.

The Challenge

Social Networking has become the way of the world, in turn the way IT professionals want to collaborate and share knowledge beyond the traditional business boundaries has changed too.

Businesses today can be faced with a workforce spread across multiple locations, add to this non-office based or remote team members and sharing a functional and easy to use network can be a challenge. Relying on email responses to questions or leaving unheard voicemails means delayed decisions and stalled projects. IBM Connections can help the right people engage with you when needed in a simple and efficient way.


Why choose IBM Connections?

IBM Connections can help you work toward improved decision making, increased productivity and faster time to market:

  • Empower: Accessible via a desktop, mobile or even offline.
  • Engage: A smart and focused interface will help filter out ‘noise’ and ensure the right people engage with your ideas.
  • Inspire: Allow ideas to be generated and shared across your entire company, anyone can participate from any location.
  • Trust: Be sure that all collaboration and engagement is carried out using a secure platform.

What's new with IBM Connections 5.5 Viewing Time: 4.09

Find out about the new features available in IBM Connections 5.5 and Mobile. Allowing you to organise your content better and enhance your communities.

The Solution

IBM Connections gives you a range of tools you would expect in an enterprise social network, ready to use exactly when needed.

Designed with business professionals in mind and allowing you to be more innovative and creative whilst speeding up the execution of business strategy by encouraging communication between networks of colleagues, partners and customers, helping you discover, develop and refine ideas using:


Social Networking: Connect with your professional network using rich profiles, blogs, communities, wikis, file sharing and more


Calendar and Email Integration: Share information using a single platform


Meetings: Integrate with IBM Sametime and access collaboration tools enabling you to conduct online meetings


Instant Messaging: Quickly and efficiently connect to the right people, integrating with IBM Sametime allows you find the information needed instantly


Documents: Easily edit documents and share with the team using the IBM Docs office suite.


Content: Ensure the right people are engaged through the creation and editing of documents using document check-in/out, version control and approval routing.

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