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IBM i2

Collect, analyse and visualise content from multiple data sources to identify fraud

IBM i2 is one of the most trusted intelligence analysis platform for tackling crime and fraudulent behaviour.

To aid investigators and data analysts in their efforts to prevent fraud and highlight connections between individuals of interest, many organisations are turning to a new set of software tools to aid fraud-detection and provide analytical evidence that can lead to a successful prosecution.

IBM i2 provides rich visual analysis capabilities that help quickly turn complex sets of disparate information into high-quality, actionable intelligence. This helps analysts build a single cohesive intelligence picture to predict, prevent, detect and investigate criminal, terrorist, and fraudulent activities.


Software Analytics to fight fraud

We worked with SECOM to leverage the power of the IBM i2 iBase intelligence system to proactively tackle in-store crime and enable significant operational savings for the CO-OP. Creating a solution that analysed near real-time data and intelligence captured from surveillance systems along with other siloed databases, including crime reports, in ultra-fast time.

Seamlessly analysing this data to generate insights that could be used to proactively tackle incidents in-store and bring criminals to justice.
Read our SECOM case study

Accelerating Intelligence-led Operations

We worked with Stats Perform to implement IBM’s i2 Intelligence Analysis portfolio of tools to extend the capabilities of their integrity operations. The insights helped the team make best use of the data resources in near real-time.

IBM i2 iBase allowed capture, control and analysis of multi-source data and to highlight potential corrupt activity in sport and Sintelix, an advanced information extraction and visualisation tool made it possible to collect data from external sources – including social media – into the i2 environment.
Read our Stats Perform case study

Why Use Bell Integration and i2

As an IBM Gold partner we can provide licensing, consultancy and integration of IBM i2, ensuring you get the best possible results from the application. In addition we can also provide 24/7 support , licensing management, training, i2 on the Cloud (Hosting) ​and a managed service desk to ensure ROI.

In past we have utilised i2 to help our customers to: ​


Reduce data management - and analysis overhead costs by storing available data locally in a single location.


Increase the potential - of information discovery across locally stored data.


Reduce time - spent on creating multidimensional views of key knowledge and information.


Simplify communication - of complex data to enable timely and accurate operational decision making.

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