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IBM Power Systems & Bell Integration : Making SAP HANA work for you

In the era of big data, more and more businesses are adopting SAP HANA as the database server of choice to store, retrieve and analyse data, as required by their applications.

To capitalise on the enormous potential offered by SAP HANA, businesses need to run it on a secure, highly reliable server environment that scales on demand – like IBM Power Systems.


The IBM Power System AC922 Server Will Give Your Enterprise The Edge Viewing Time: 1.10

IBM Power Systems – made for SAP HANA

The Power Systems solution was built to enable you to grow your database and the size of your SAP HANA® environment without needing a new server. Here’s what running SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems could do for you:


2x performance per core vs. X86: The POWER9 architecture at the base of IBM's server is really amazing when it comes to crunching data. This advantage translates into performance boosts in any application.


16 production instances per server: Simply put, you can run more instances of SAP HANA on the same server. That is up to 16 SAP HANA production instances per server, with up to 16 TB LPARs for SAP Business Suite and S/4HANA.


Up to 99.999% uptime: Reliability is one of the most important aspects regarding your IT infrastructure. Experts estimate that one hour of downtime costs around 150k $. IBM servers average only 5.25 minutes of unplanned per server downtime a year.


Lower TCO: Save on operational costs – including power, cooling, management and maintenance – from server consolidation, resulting in a smaller data centre footprint and lower hardware acquisition.


Fast provisioning: IBM Power Systems come with built in virtualisation so you can get up and running fast.


Leverage IBM’s Live Partition Mobility: Move a live database from one computer to another without impacting the business – ideal if you need to carry out maintenance on a hardware frame.

Why Bell Integration is the right IBM partner for your project

Bell are experts in your IT. From initial consultation through to helping you achieve maximum return on legacy or end of life equipment we will be there to help guide and support, including:

  • Initial Consultation: Our IBM consultancy services can help you realise your IT vision – build, implement and run systems and services that transform operational performance and agility.
  • Testing and POC: Our IT rental services allow you to test and evaluate the latest IBM POWER technology ensuring you acquire the right solution to meet your needs.
  • Migration: A migration project, whether for a full location move or as part of a cloud or hybrid transformation is a complex process and can see budgets spiral out of control, we can help you reduce risk and work to a fixed cost / fixed outcome project.
  • Support: A good IBM IT support partner can make a world of difference to how your organisation deals with critical IT events or incidents, we can help you with pre, during and post project support.
  • Recycling: Total IT lifecycle management, ensuring cost-effective and secure disposal of redundant hardware in a way that meets data and environmental compliance.

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