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IBM Sametime

We can provide consultancy, integration, management and support of your IBM Sametime Solution

The Challenge

Unified Communication (UC) is essential for streamlining business processes and providing connected working. Many organisations struggle with the integration and management of an enterprise communication system. Often trying to encompass and link all forms of communication that are exchanged via the network is problem which is never completely solved.


The Solution

As an IBM Platinum partner we are perfectly suited to provide a robust fully supported unified comms solution with IBM Sametime facilitates which offer real-time UC in a business environment through instant messaging, online meetings, video, voice and data. In just a few clicks, you’re immediately connected with the person on the other side of the screen, helping you to meet the daily demands of business.

Easily navigate between communities and meetings, locate and talk to subject matter experts and utilise Sametime to quickly share data. Use Bell Integration to evolve your communications by gaining better insight into:

  • Who you’re communicating with – Understand who can help across the business through profiles, shared content and blogs.
  • What you’re communicating about – Share content which addresses lower value questions. This way disruption is minimised and the focus can be turned to higher value interactions.
  • How best to communicate with each other – With more channels, communication is streamlined. Post to a wall, blog, wiki page, forum. Leave comments on shared files, send an instant message or jump on a video call.

What is IBM Sametime What is IBM Sametime

Whatever your browser, mail client or OS of choice, IBM Sametime provides suitable integration point.

Sametime Capabilities


Instant messaging - Sametime instant messaging allows you to communicate with your colleagues in real time. Icons can be used to indicate the availability and location of co-workers, whether they are offline, in a meeting or available. Files can also be easily shared, negating the need to email within encrypted channels.


Online meetings - Facilitates the sharing of files, applications and screens with those both in and outside of the company, using security rich features including high both audio and video.


Voice and video integration - Dual audio and video interface work with built-in IBM Sametime or third-party media software, delivering audio and video capabilities in online meetings and conferences with multi-point video conference support.


Mobile support - iOS, Android and BlackBerry are supported so you can stay connected from anywhere on a smartphone or tablet.

In an increasingly connected and social world, companies are realising the benefits of real-time communication as a way for their staff to quickly and efficiently resolve issues and collaborate with one another – as well as expanding communication beyond business boundaries to customers, partners, vendors and contractors.

Bell Integration provides businesses with the tools they need to do this while still insuring security and the ability to integrate with other vendors.

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