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IBM Tealeaf

We offer integration management and support of your IBM Tealeaf solution. Our consultants can help provide insight and answers to help companies websites meet online conversion and customer retention objectives.

The Challenge

A great deal of time and effort has gone into making your website as appealing as possible. Easy navigation, bold design, strong content, appealing tone of voice, fast and responsive, optimised for mobile – the list is endless. Problem is, there is a distinct lack of visibility on what your customers are actually doing when they visit your site.


The Solution

We have over 20 years experience in supporting and managing applications. Our accredited consultants can help you manage your Tealeaf solution enabling you to create personalized experiences that engage your customers in more meaningful ways. There are a whole host of free tools out there that your E-business team is undoubtedly using. Google analytics for example will tell you how many site visitors, page impressions, landing page registrations and social shares you’re getting a month.

However, what these tools lack is the ability to show you the flaws in your site: the difficulty logging into an account, failure to find the order process button or the confusing error messages. The situation is compounded when customers turn on you with scathing remarks on message boards, blogs and social networking sites.

Customer experience management with IBM Tealeaf Viewing Time:

Why use Tealeaf

IBM Tealeaf customer experience analytics solutions help you understand customers in context at varying touch points to engage them in more meaningful ways. These solutions combine digital, behavioral, sentiment and predictive analytics for actionable insights:


Identify - the right prospects and engage them with relevant content and offers to increase conversions and grow revenue.


Increase customer satisfaction - and loyalty by optimising digital experiences for reduced struggle and less attrition.


Reduce operational costs - by identifying intent and interest more quickly and resolving issues faster.

If you are interested to find out how this software can help your organisation. To find out more please contact us

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