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Multicloud Management with IBM

Mulitcloud Management for Better Containerization

Containerization offers a significant speed gain, especially for development. So it’s no surprise that today, the speed of IT teams switching to containerized applications is accelerating.

The problem is, the team on the operations side are experiencing problems because instead of one large application, they suddenly have to manage a hundred small ones. What’s more, instead of one cluster for development, several clusters (or container platforms) must be managed at once, for example environments for production, testing and acceptance, both on-premise and in the public and private cloud.

IBM Cloud Pak for Multi-cloud Management provides much-needed standardisation that can help. IBM Cloud Paks is a complete collection of integrated solutions for building, renewing, containerizing, migrating, managing and enriching a microservices architecture in the cloud.

Less is best

A hybrid multicloud is often complex to manage. With containerizing and microservices you need to manage distributed elements across many environments. IBM’s Cloud Paks for Multicloud Management gives you visibility into all these areas in one platform, so you can see across infrastructure, automation of operations and governance without gaps and in any consistent way.

Shared understanding

As IT teams grow, or work from home, maintaining and easing an understanding of the considerations and the behaviour across the teams helps to achieve quicker results. With IBM Cloud Paks, from an early stage, developers can be involved in the requirements of operations and security. Developers can suddenly understand why certain things may not or cannot happen. Additionally, developers no longer deploy to specific clusters or cloud

platforms, but centrally through the multicloud management environment. Based on the policies and rules set in this environment, the application lands exactly where it best fits in with operations.

Cost versus performance

With IBM Cloud Paks for Multicloud Management you can develop, test and run workloads in whichever cloud you consider offers the best performance against cost and performance. When you shift this includes governance across all roles and users within the organisation.

If you are using containers more and more, it’s worth considering how the IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management could help you get the most from your team and environments, please check out our webpage, or get in touch with your account manager.


Why Choose Bell Integration for IBM?

With over 20 years of experience of working with IBM, we are perfectly positioned to provide comprehensive consultancy, support, software, migration services and technology. Our consultants can design, deploy, manage and optimise your IBM applications. We ensure your IBM solution meets your business needs and can be transformed to achieve your organisations objectives.

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