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Improve resilience to cyber threats and ensure recovery times are calculated in minutes rather than days with InfiniGuard

Ransomware, malware, and cyberattacks are an inevitable in todays modern IT landscape and put your data and business at significant risk. Often its not ‘if’ but ‘when’ an organisation IT infrastructure will be compromised.

Limiting the potential damage of cyber attacks and minimising system downtime and business disruption is paramount for any business. Bell Integration are working with Infinidat to provide scalable enterprise storage with a modern multi layered approach towards security.

We can provide:

Near Instantaneous Recovery

Providing enterprise-level uncompromised back up performance, critical data is rapidly restores at a petabyte scale.

High Availability

Down time is measured in minutes rather than days, minimising business disruption, lost revenue and any reputational damage.

Resilient Architecture

InfiniGuard’s modern data protection solution is enhanced with InfiniSafe built-in technologies providing immutable snapshots, logical air gap, a fenced forensic network, and near-instantaneous recovery at no additional cost.

Implement InfiniGuard with InfiniSafe to guard against the threat of cyberattacks, technical breakdowns, disasters or  human error.  InfiniGuard with InfiniSafe gives you the confidence you need to rapidly recover your data and get your organisation back up and running fast.

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