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Windows 10 Migration

Your trusted partner to design, deploy, manage and migrate to Windows 10

Support for Windows 7 expired on January 14, 2020 and Windows 8.1 will expire January 10, 2023. This means that Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or technical support for systems running on a Windows 7 and 8.1 operating systems.

Organisations who continue to run unsupported Windows OS after this time will become more vulnerable to security risks. Security vulnerabilities impact the performance and usability of desktops and applications data, with data loss and data integrity concerns.

“22% of SMBs and enterprises still rely on unsupported or approaching EOS operating systems for their security needs.”
Ref: Kaspersky Research

While there are many benefits to migrating to Windows 10, there are inherent challenges that should be considered prior to updating:

  • Minimising the impact on business users
  • Understanding the existing IT infrastructure, the location of existing devices and the compatibility of existing applications
  • Project overruns, that typically add additional costs
  • Lack of time, technical resources, skills or know-how
  • Dealing with old devices, which may pose a security and data risk

windows10 migration

Why work with Bell Integration

We will assess your business needs and will provide extensive discovery, planning and design for your bespoke Windows 10 migration and where required, we can provide new devices, additional resource, support and managed services.



Our workspace team has extensive knowledge and experience with end user compute projects. Experienced across solutions, products and services centred around transforming the end user experience.

Fixed Outcome

We understand that every customer and set of requirements are different; and work to a fixed and successful outcome, regardless of scope and scale.

Reduced Risk

Our proven methodology will improve the Windows 10 transformation, reduce the risk in change and protect or improve the user experience, whilst working towards an agreed deadline.


we understand data compliance requirements and work within guidelines to ensure adherence and certification across the entire program or refresh.


Our data cleansing and asset recycling facility is fully ADISA and ISO 27001 certified.

One Stop Solution

Transact, Transform, Run and Recycle propositions that make us a “One Stop” partner for Windows 10 consultancy; for device, operating systems, application, software platforms, and desktop operate services.

Our Approach:

  • Windows 7/8 Desktop, Application and Endpoint discovery
  • Reference technical architecture and use-cases analysis
  • Existing application discovery and rationalisation
  • Design the Windows 10 experience, deployment method and management; for all device types, operating systems and applications
  • Desktop image design, desktop deployment and application presentation design
  • Endpoint device selection and mobile device selection
  • Application packaging, sequencing, presentation and testing
  • Windows 10 Desktop image creation, desktop presentation and desktop testing
  • Create a model office, based upon the proposed design endpoints, desktop and applications
  • Design and instigate an asset lifecycle management solution; design, build, deploy, cleanse and recycle.
  • Define and/or operate a replacement method; pre-staging, data transfer, training, changeover kiosk with concierge services
  • Define or operate a desktop and asset management as a service

To find out more about Windows 10 Migration please contact us

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