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Network Defence Service

Identity threats, protect your business, and manage IT compliance

The rising tide of cyberattacks means that protecting your organisation from security breaches and advanced cyber threats is now a mission-critical task. Indeed, preserving your organisation’s brand reputation and revenue generation capabilities depends upon it.

However, the growing complexity of your network means you need to go beyond firewalls and endpoint security to protect attack surfaces that extend all the way to the cloud, and everywhere in between. No easy task when you lack the in-house resources or specialist capabilities that are needed to protect your network and data in today’s fast-evolving threat landscape.

“39% of businesses have experienced some form of cyber security breach”

Department of Digital Media (UK Gov 2022)

Developed to help you boost your defences and maintain a compliant security position, our Managed Network Defence Service enables you to reduce business risk, protect your brand and increase the ROI of your existing security investments.

With Bell Integration you can:

  • Protect business revenue and reputation by identifying risk, preventing threats and managing IT compliance across your entire estate; on-premises, cloud or hybrid
  • Accelerate security adoption with an end-to-end solution that monitors and remediates threats fast
  • Keep your business and your data safe and secure at all time
  • Gain a unified and holistic view of your network and cloud traffic
  • Consolidate your existing security tools to reduce complexity and cost.

Network security made simple

Providing a cost effective detection, response and compliance solution that’s ideal for any organisation looking to operationalise enterprise-grade cybersecurity, our Managed Network Defence Service gives you a simpler and more effective approach to cybersecurity. Giving you all the capabilities and expertise you need to improve your cybersecurity resilience and vulnerability management while speeding up response times:

Bell’s Managed Network Defence Service provides your business with:

  • Network threat monitoring, detection and response to identify real-time risks and incidents within your IT infrastructure.
  • Powerful AI that streamlines false/positives and provides a laser focus on issues that are important to your business.
  • Compliance monitoring against multiple frameworks including ISO27001, Cyber Essentials, NIST as well as many industry-specific security requirements and cyber security compliance.
  • Behavioural analysis of users and systems (Microsoft Active Directory Users).
  • A solution that scales rapidly where expansion across multiple sites is required.

“63% of firms are unaware they have been attacked or breached”

Department of Digital Media (UK Gov 2022)

Why Bell Integration?

Our powerful end-to-end platform combines network and cloud visibility, threat detection and response as well as compliance monitoring to protect your business and revenues at an affordable cost. Plus, our platform of services integrates seamlessly with your existing technology and tools.

With Bell’s Network Defence Service you benefit from:

  • 24×7 critical incident management – through Bell’s Security Operations Centre.
  • Accelerated implementation – get up and running and experience immediate security benefits within one hour of implementation.
  • Optimised security operations that make it easier to prioritise and respond to vulnerabilities and incidents faster thanks to our relationships with leading solution vendors and partners.

Service Options


StandardEnhancedFully Managed Service
24/7 access to the SOC
Monitoring services
  • Firewalls
  • NetFlow
  • Active Directory
  • EDR
  • Cloud Platform
  • Firewalls
  • NetFlow
  • Active Directory
  • EDR
  • Cloud Platform
  • Firewalls
  • NetFlow
  • Active Directory
  • EDR
  • Cloud Platform
Platform management
Triage of security eventsTriage to customerSOC Advice & SupportSOC Remediation
Security incident managementCustomer remediation8 hours per month advice & support16 hours per month remediation
Compliance & vulnerability reporting
Compliance & vulnerability management8 hours per month advice and support16 hours per month remediation
Service Levels
P1 Incident Response4 hours1 hour
P2 Incident Response8 hours4 hours
P3 Incident Response2 business days1 business day
P4 Incident Response3 business days2 business days
Platform ImplementationAdvisory implementationAdvisory implementationFull implementation

*The service is underpinned by the CyGlass eXtended Cloud Security Platform that delivers enterprise-class cyber reporting across cloud and hybrid networks at an affordable cost.

Optional services

Ideal for organisations moving towards Cyber Essentials certification or which have attained ISO27001, Bell’s option reporting service makes it easy to maintain and prove compliance and undertake reporting to your customers.

We provide a range of optional reports, including:

  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Microsoft M365
  • IoT
  • NIST800-53
  • NIST800-171
  • ISO27001
  • Cyber Essentials+

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