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Paladian Data CaptiveSAN

Paladian Data CaptiveSAN gives you unparalleled big data performance, consolidation and TCO

According to market research, 95% of the stock market listed businesses said that their firms had undertaken big data projects in the last five year. However, less than half said that their big data initiatives had achieved measurable results. The amount of raw and complex data gathered by businesses is growing exponentially. Big data can aid programmers in decision making and ensure business processes are being optimised through tracking and understanding security within the networks, customer behaviour, trends and changes in patterns. Businesses want to use big data to achieve their goals. Customers desire more value from their big data environments, but as data sets grow, so does the additional investments in the underlying compute, storage and software licenses without always solving the problem.

The Challenge

The performance challenge organisations face with storage and compute almost always comes down to latency within both the storage and networking layers. Deploying real-time scale-out applications to meet the ever changing business needs, demands and growth often see existing IT and storage products become a limiting barrier as the datasets grow and the storage needs outpace the processor needs. Combating these barriers or bottlenecks in contemporary storage solutions often see’s businesses adding additional hardware stacks, which subsequently adds to the latency issue and returns less and less value, resulting in increased costs, server sprawl in the data center and added complexity to the solution in terms of management.

The Challenges of Legacy Infrastructure


The Solution

Bell Integration has partnered with Paladian Data and can provide headless storage area network solutions which utilise end-to-end, native NVMe drive architecture while relying on the applications and operating systems to manage storage functionality. This removes contemporary IO bottlenecks allowing for near-zero latency in the application-storage data path. Legacy storage and networking latency heavy protocols and controllers are removed by running FPGA’s that merely manage the movement and placement of data from the application / CPU to the intelligent NVME drives. This ensures our clients and customers recognise substantial improvements in performance, consolidation and TCO: the first time you can have all three without compromise.


Why Bell Integration

Whether you need an experienced partner to undertake the whole programme, or simply need a “Safe pair of hands” to support and assist through some elements of the process, we can provide a customised engagement that is tailored to your requirements. Our range of pre-defined service offerings reduce risk and business disruption, providing a cost effective Paladian Data deployment that returns a positive ROI faster than anything else the the Big Data marketplace. To find out more please contact us

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