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Smarter SaaS

Smarter SaaS for 365 automatically recommends how to reduce IT costs whilst finding the best Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions for every user.

Software licencing forms the major part of IT spend for many organisations. With this comes the burden of managing and tracking what licences have been purchased.

Often there can be a lack of knowledge of the installed software base which brings the risk of running non-licenced software or over provisioning of current licencing.

With the influx of remote working this challenge is compounded as the workforce and parts of the licensing estate are dispersed. Often this means software procurement is reactive leading to poor commercial deals with providers and lack of governance around new software introduction.


Our Solution

Provides Clarity

The M365 license overview dashboard identifies unused subscriptions, shortfalls or optimisation opportunities

Reduces Cost

Continuous license optimisation and automation allows you to avoid over provisioning whilst maintain compliance


Easy reporting helps prove ROI on software spend, compliance and produces an overview of M365 usage within your organisation

Fast and Free

The initial analysis is free for the first 180 days and the portal takes minutes to set up

Smarter SaaS for 365 also assesses Microsoft Team usage and can help identify remote workers who may not be fully engaged.

Our software services are not just limited to M365. We provide end-to-end consultancy, migration, implementation and support services to identify and manage the best licensing models for your business.

Our solutions reduce cost and ensure that you’re always compliant, without over-provisioning.

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