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IT Asset management

Managing your IT assets to maximise your ROI

At Bell Integration, we provide a comprehensive cost-effective IT asset management solution involving a number of our services to analyse all your IT assets and ensure they’re used to their full potential so that you gain the most from your investment.

The Challenge

With so many IT assets of varying age and value within any organisation, it’s both difficult and time consuming to manage them effectively. But it’s essential that it’s made a priority as inefficient management is one of the leading factors in IT overspend. There can be a lack of knowledge of the current assets owned by the business and how to store and safely dispose of them. There is also the issue of over-provisioning of hardware and not maximising usage against current needs. There needs to be strategic alignment of hardware vendors and also awareness to ensure that current hardware isn’t preventing modernisation.

Inefficient IT asset management can lead to poor commercial deals with vendors being made and lack of governance around new hardware introduction. Businesses need a process in place to identify and keep track of their valuable IT assets to ensure they’re always compliant and maximising usage.

The Solution

Stage 1: Assessment During the first phase, we discover all your hardware assets and build an inventory. We then analyse your hardware types and warranty and support status to build a current service model.

Stage 2: Implementation Our implementation covers the following areas:

  • Target (legacy) equipment ideal for modernisation with our Data Centre Optimisation services.
  • Can TUPE existing staff into Bell asset management services using our People Outsource service
  • Identify systems suitable for IaaS cloud migration, using vClarus our discovery platfrom and range of Cloud Services
  • Identify equipment suitable for decommissioning and IT recycling, this is typically 30% of the hardware estate
  • Analysis of SLA requirements, and alignment to support, through using a range of services from our RUN capability
  • End to end management and carrying out of hardware fault logging, using our IT monitoring resource, asset tracking, break fix either warranty or support, tagging, imaging, re-introduction to service or ready for use pools
  • Analysis of current stored hardware assets to look at smart storage
    • Relocation of asset storage to locations based upon service level requirements (e.g. if mission critical spares, then on-site with Data Centre or Users, but non-critical in cheaper locations)
    • Bell can store in secure warehouse (Portsmouth, Wokingham) including bonded warehouse solutions for compliance and security
  • Transportation of assets across locations throughout Europe
  • Advice in implementing standards across the hardware estate people, process & technology
  • Centralised, and standardised view of assets across the entire estate
  • When linked to other bell services allows for full lifecycle management and tracking of assets from procurement through service through retirement

Stage 3: Reporting We produce monthly scheduled reports and quarterly audit snapshots to provide your business with a clear accurate view of your assets value and health.

  • Monthly scheduled reports
  • Produce quarterly audit snapshots
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