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IT Recycling

Embrace an IT recycle, re-use and resale strategy that minimises e-waste – and generates value for all

By rethinking how you manage the disposal of used and redundant IT assets, you’ll be able to recycle, resell, re-use and also put CSR into practice with sustainable e-waste programmes that minimise your company’s contribution to landfill.

Recycling solutions that make it possible to:

  • Put CSR into practice with sustainable e-waste programmes that minimise your organisation’s contribution to landfill
  • Reclaim value from usable devices and components for re-investment into new IT and services
  • Maximise the value of redundant hardware by re-deploying usable assets into new environments
  • Participate in the circular economy and showcase your organisation’s sustainability credentials

Organisational security requirements and legal obligations means you need to be certain that the procedures you put in place to manage the retirement, recycling and disposal of legacy assets are robust. So that you can:

  • Minimise the risk – of data loss through data sanitisation of devices
  • Demonstrate environmental compliance
  • Optimise ROI – through recycling, re-use, and resale
  • Efficiently manage – any used enterprise hardware asset – computers, servers, hard drives, mobile phones and more

IT Recycling of your End-of-Life IT assets with Bell Integration 59 Seconds

Our ADISA (Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance) award-winning IT recycling services ensure you’re able to dispose of hardware responsibly, while maximising residual values.

From IT asset discovery tasks to risk assessments and regulatory controls, we’ll create and operate a tailored secure asset recycling and disposal service that is fully compliant with waste directives, legal regulations, and industry specific compliance schemes.


Why Bell Integration

We have over 20 years experience helping our customers across sectors to achieve their environmental and sustainability goals.

With a full audit trail and chain of custody, plus smart reporting and asset stock control, the disposal of your assets is in safe hands. With over 21 years’ experience advising customers on policies, procedures, and methodologies to mitigate risk, reduce costs and remain secure, we’re experts at helping organisations manage IT asset disposition in a sustainable way.


Risk Management

we offer a wealth of expertise in compliance, governance and industry regulations that apply to the disposal and recycling of hardware assets. We’ll advise you on everything from the best route to achieving GDPR compliance, to ensuring that adherence to the WEEE directive is maintained.

Device Sanitation

optimising the recycling, re-use and re-sale of assets begins with the safe removal and disposal of data. We can help you prove compliance and protect your data in line with a range of secure on and off-site data destruction services. Standards including NIST, HMG 1A5 and BSI, ensuring your data is wiped to the correct level.

Documented and Defined Processes

our ADISA audited and documented processes deliver all the accountability, assurance, audit trails, reporting and certifications you need to ensure your corporate reputation remains intact.

Secure Recycling Facilities

our ADISA accredited facility means you can be confident we adhere to all the requirements for the safe and secure handling of confidential data. All our employees are vetted, and assets are securely transported to our facility in our fleet of sealed trucks and lock-boxes that are protected by CCTV and asset tracking devices to give you an effective chain of custody.

Optimised recycle, resale and disposal procedures

we’ll evaluate and determine the final destination for assets to ensure you optimise any residual value via resale, trade-in or recycling. This includes a consideration of re-use for engineering, spares and break/fix, brokerage for resale, trade-in, internal sales to staff, charity donations and recycling as waste under the WEEE directive.

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