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Cloud Managed Services

Unlock maximum value and performance from your cloud solution – at a fixed price

Outsourcing the day-to-day management of your cloud infrastructure to the right service provider gives you access to dedicated round-the-clock services that are tailored to the exact needs of your business.

By eliminating the burden of managing and maintaining your cloud environment, your IT teams will be free to focus on more core requirements and strategic initiatives. But that’s not the only gain.

Outsourcing to an expert cloud managed services provider gives you:

  • Access to round-the-clock – dedicated services at a fixed and predictable cost
  • 24×7 Performance – monitoring, testing, and reporting
  • Data back-up, disaster recovery and system administration – that assures the continuation of essential IT requirements following an untoward event
  • Management of the entire environment – cloud security, compute resources, storage, application stacks and more
  • Best practices – for managing critical workloads and supporting peaks and troughs in service demand
  • Optimised security – resilience, cost and performance of the entire infrastructure

Cloud Managed Services 40 Seconds

Achieve your business goals faster with Bell Integration

Our cloud managed services free your teams from time-consuming routine monitoring and maintenance tasks. Ensuring that business-critical systems, applications and data continue to perform as expected.

Taking care of every aspect of your cloud environment, including handling cloud-based back up or spinning up new services, we ensure every aspect of your cloud operations run smoothly and efficiently at a fixed and predictable cost.


Why work with Bell Integration 

Our catalogue of ready-to-go automated services eliminate the manual processes that are prone to human error. All of which dramatically improves efficiencies and make it easy to accommodate changes to your environment fast by performing end-to-end operational processes seamlessly across all your IT stacks. So routine tasks like patching or the automated provisioning of virtual machines in the cloud is undertaken in a fast, efficient and error-free manner.

And, because all our services are AI powered, they’re able to learn about recurring problems and undertake root cause analysis so that problems get resolved once and for all.


Ensuring your cloud infrastructure is always supported and optimised

cloud managed services

Combined with advanced monitoring capabilities that ensure problems are detected before they become outages, partnering with Bell Integration will enable you to:

  • Deliver services and applications faster
  • Improve BC/DR capability
  • Improve service to users
  • Improve and optimise workload performance
  • Improve security and compliance reporting
  • Increase the speed of application upgrades
  • Right size your environment and evolve it as workloads change
  • Scale capacity up or down as required
  • Eradicate the risk associated with making any change to your cloud infrastructure

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