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Desktop As A Service ( DAAS )

Ensure disaster recovery and business continuity with our Device as a Service solution

With enforced homeworking across the majority of the workforce and for an extended amount of time, organisations need to find medium and long-term solutions to traditional IT access to systems and getting business back up and running effectively.

The Challenge

Traditional DR And BCP solutions providing a small number of essential users’ access are inadequate, and the lack of availability of mobile devices and effort required to deploy them at scale, means it is impractical to look at rolling out laptops to the whole workforce.

The security and integrity of the corporate network, as well as license management, dictates that users logging on with personal devices directly into business applications and services would present an unacceptable risk to continued business operations, and there will always be those staff who do not possess a suitable home device.

The Solution

Bell Integration has developed its hybrid Device as a Service solution to deliver end user devices, as well as secure VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solutions to both the Data Centre and Cloud to provide companies the ability to get users up and running fast, and in a secure scalable manner.

Remote working

Our Cloud Model
Bell’s cloud-based remote working solution provides a pre-configured and secure remote working capability accessed directly from the cloud, with configurable access to corporate services and file data.

The solution also leverages the cloud’s flexible capacity model to increase or decrease supporting infrastructure based on demand.

On-premise Model
The On-premise remote working solution is a pre-configured, ready to run VDI solution that is racked, connected and set up within the customer data centre ready for users to consume.

Both of Bell’s pre-configured remote working options provide access to a pre-configured solution through either a cloud-based OS provision, or an on-premise VDI solution, presenting a standard secured windows 10 virtual desktop image to corporate, personal or rented end-point devices.

We can provide:

  • Physical Devices 
    Delivery and Configuration to O/S
    Hardware Breakfix / Hardware Support
  • On-Prem VDI
    Platform Build and Configuration
    Platform and Hypervisor Monitoring, Management, Patching and Backup
  • Cloud VDI
    Landing Zone and VDI Solution Build and Configuration
    Platform Monitoring, Management, Support, Patching and Backup
  • Cloud Desktops Delivered Within 3 Days
  • Windows O/S
    O/S Deployments
    1st Line Support and Monthly Patching
  • Managed Services
    Support services underpinned by our AI digital workforce providing scalable L0 to L3 support

Benefits of working with Bell Integration:

Bell’s remote working service provides a complete solution with maximum flexibility for our customers, allowing them to take full advantage of a solution that can be made available and functional within days instead of months, fully secured with a single monthly subscription for however long is needed.


Available -Set-up, configured and available in 10 days


Secure -Secure OS, patched and protected - presented to employee personal devices or rented endpoint devices


Managed -Rented devices, the OS and underlying supporting platform are fully managed for the term of the service


Flexible -Modular service allows for scale up or down, as required

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