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IT Monitoring and Service desk

Proactive 24/7/365 Monitoring and IT Support with a single point of contact help desk to meet all your escalation needs

At Bell Integration, we create the Monitoring and IT Service Desk solutions aligned to your business needs with a single point of contact, seamless management and triage of 3rd party vendors and supplier delivering you savings and increased quality and flexibility.

You’ll have access to global 24/7/365 response support and proactive monitoring of key applications and infrastructure and, with options from Tier 1 incident support to entire ITIL-aligned service, all your monitoring needs are covered.

The Challenge

As technology grows ever more complex and operational processes required to support cloud architecture and hybrid workloads continue to evolve, IT execs are left facing a number of challenges and perhaps one of their biggest is how they can provide 24/7/365 operations that fulfil the ever-changing demands of their business in a cost effective way.

Industry analysts state that ‘Most IT organisations do not have the necessary expertise to manage integrated IaaS and PaaS offerings’. Businesses today are supported by an increasingly diverse mix of IT delivery models – from on-premises infrastructures and outsourced services to private and public cloud services.

The requirement for high performance and availability to maximise business productivity, revenues and success is as essential as ever. IT monitoring is vital as organisations seek to optimise performance of their critical business services.

However, employing disjointed on-premises point solutions to monitor each distinct system and environment is costly, inefficient and ultimately ineffective – there are simply too many interrelationships in today’s dynamic IT environment. Businesses need a single point of contact for ITIL-based best practice, service delivery and service level management and reporting.

The Solution

Our approach to Monitoring and IT Service Desk means that you as the customer maintain ownership of your IT environment without needing to invest in the implementation and ongoing management of costly tools. We can directly align with your business needs and build a tailored solution that is the perfect fit for you.

Transition – Our skilled team, led by a dedicated transition manager, start by getting a deep understanding of the IT environment’s current state to map services to applicable and appropriate technology. Standard operating procedures are produced, including any remedial recommendations. Through our defined transition methodology, core processes are defined and documented and managed services are enabled.

Transform – Remedial activities are performed to ensure systems and processes align to best practices.

Operate – Bell Integration’s Service Manager assumes operational accountability for service level and customer satisfaction. Service is managed in line with the defined processes captured during the transition phase and reporting cycles are established for daily, weekly and monthly review.

Innovate – The service roadmap is reviewed and managed via a continual service improvement program. Through transformation and efficiency initiatives, managed costs are driven down on an ongoing basis. Bell Integration operate a ticket lifecycle management process to connect problem, change, incident and vendor management to ensure accurate tracking, as well as allowing for root cause analysis of all events.

The service management portal is an integrated management tool capturing service level agreements, incident reporting and all SLA-based information. Customers use the system via the Bell portal, which is accessible across multiple platforms and is supported on both mobile and tablet devices. Regular customer progress reports are sent via email direct from IMS. Also included in the Bell portal, customers receive:

Rapid Service Restore

  • Triage of incidents to rapidly determine the most appropriate resolver groups with initial diagnostics
  • Rapid determination of an incident’s potential root cause and impact, correlating them with recent activities that may have caused them
  • Simple searching for solutions and workarounds in the IMS Knowledge Base

3rd Party Escalation and Management

  • Management and ownership of incidents with vendors or other 3rd party resolver groups

We will also develop IT monitoring services for the following:


Server monitoring – enables the monitoring of Linux (including CentOS, RedHat and others) UNIX, Windows, Cisco UCS, FlexPod, IBM Power Systems, and Novell Open Enterprise servers. The solution does up/down testing of hosts, monitors core OS processes and services and tracks server resources such as CPU, disk and memory.


Device monitoring – provides up/down monitoring of any IP based device, including routers, switches and services. It can track availability of network interface cards and interfaces, bandwidth usage and connections between specific devices.


Website availability monitoring – provides the capability to routinely test specific URLs, tracking status and page load time metrics.


Cloud services monitoring – whether Infrastructure as a Service, Software as a Service or Platform as a Service on a public, private or hybrid cloud service.


Application monitoring – including Apache HTTP and Tomcat, Citrix XenApp, Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange and IIS, Oracle WebLogic, SAP and more.


Network monitoring – offers advanced monitoring for critical network segments. The solution can do traffic simulation and test for packet loss, jitter, round trip response time and amore. Plus the solution can automatically generate network topologies and support fast, efficient root cause analysis.

All of Bell’s IT Monitoring and service Desk services have comprehensive set of reports detailing activities, actions, performance and SLA tracking.

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