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Patch Management as a Service

Patch Management as a Service will keep your systems secure, compliant, up-to-date and running smoothly

Patch management is a pressing and difficult challenge, thanks to the ever-increasing number of devices, applications, and vulnerabilities.

The Challenge

Maintaining the functionality and security of your critical systems and applications depends on being able to react fast to unscheduled patches for zero-day vulnerabilities. And the ability to identify unexpected patch failures that leave systems open to attack or downtime. It’s a time-consuming exhaustive process that requires visibility, real-time patch status reporting and alerts for your entire IT systems estate. Plus, tailor-made workflows for scheduling and handling patch distribution to servers and all endpoints – ensuring systems stay up-to-date, are compliant, and user productivity is assured.

Key challenges for patch management include:

  • Keeping pace with a constant stream of security threats and patches
  • Maintaining compliance across the IT estate
  • Dedicating internal resources to keep all systems and endpoints up-to-date and safe
  • Mitigating impacts from unexpected patching problems

Patch Management as a service

The Solution

Comprehensive enterprise-wide patch management – with no heavy lifting

Without a consistent and effective patch management solution  strategy in place, you risk leaving your business open to performance slowdowns, random reboots or cyber-attacks that compromise sensitive data or operations. The best way to safeguard and monitor the integrity of your infrastructure and information systems is to enlist the help of patch management experts like Bell Integration. Utilising the latest best practices, automation and monitoring technologies, we handle the whole patch management process – at scale. That includes resolving exceptions and unexpected patch failures, as well as overseeing any industry-specific compliance requirements.

Delivering peace of mind for every scenario


Deploying patches - in a formalised and structured process, we constantly verify and confirm the current status of your operating systems, server and desktop applications – and more.


We’ll also pre-test complex updates - for key production systems to avoid any unforeseen business consequences, ensuring that back-ups are in place to provide service security at all times.


Experts at handling policy-driven patch management - for Linux, Unix, Microsoft and other third-party application environments, our structured change management procedures include roll-back plans, system backups.


With extensive expertise - in the field of data centre operations, our proven industry-leading patch management capabilities enable you to reduce risk and vulnerabilities – and minimise downtime.

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