Visualise data to gain insight

IBM i2

Collect, analyse and visualise content from multiple data sources to gain insight and aid decision making.

Visual Analytics Intelligence

To aid investigators and data analysts in their efforts to prevent fraud and highlight connections between individuals of interest, many organisations are turning to a new set of software tools to aid fraud-detection and provide analytical evidence that can lead to a successful prosecution.

To help we’ve created a short guide that explains some of the key challenges that the finance sector is facing, these include:

  • The sheer volume of transactions that are handled
  • The speed with which technology allows fraudsters to operate
  • Siloed data sets; the difficulty of including external data sets and databases; the challenges of cross-industry data collaboration
  • Trying to make sense of the huge number of spreadsheets generated when undertaking an investigation.

IBM i2Viewing Time: 8:30


Reduce data management - and analysis overhead costs by storing available data locally in a single location.


Increase the potential - of information discovery across locally stored data.


Reduce time - spent on creating multidimensional views of key knowledge and information.


Simplify the communication - of complex data to enable timely and accurate operational decision making.


Review what’s now possible with fraud analytics with our complimentary whitepaper. To download our PDF guide, simply click the link

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