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IT Rental Services

IT & AV rental for events, short term projects and proof of concept

Hamilton Rentals part of Bell Integration is the largest provider of IT rental solutions across Europe. Whether you need extra AV equipment for events and exhibitions, additional laptops and servers for workload peaks or to try before you buy, Bell provides you with short term rentals that make great business sense.

The Challenge

There are many situations in which a business requires the short term availability of IT and AV equipment and would benefit from renting it, rather than buying it.

  • Proof of Concept for IT infrastructure
  • Evaluation – to try before buying and help reduce purchase risk
  • Spreading the cost – to overcome budgetary constraints and defer purchase until funds are available
  • Workload peaks – additional laptops for temporary staff or extra servers to increase processing power and capacity
  • Events and exhibitions – AV equipment to create a real impact at your show, exhibition stand or venue
  • Major events – where organisations simply do not have enough staff, expertise or equipment to meet a massive short term demand
  • Training courses and graduate programs – additional touch screens, laptops, iPads or PCs set up when and where they are needed.
  • Server migration, virtualisation or relocation – provide swing kit to replicate existing environments, avoiding downtime of mission critical systems
  • Software testing and development – hire servers to avoid compromising existing systems
  • Disaster recovery – to ensure business continuity, rent a temporary IT solution to recover from flood, fire or theft

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The Solution

As Europe’s largest provider of IT rental solutions, we offer customers a cost-effective alternative to buying the following IT and AV equipment:

  • Mobile Phones, Networks and Comms
  • Desktops, Laptops and Tablet PCs
  • Servers and Storage
  • Monitors, TVs, LED Screens and Video Walls
  • Touch Screens, Interactive Whiteboards, Projectors and AV
  • Printers, Scanners and Photocopiers
  • Voting Solutions & Virtual Reality Headsets
  • Fever scanning


We worked with a leading high street retailer to provide digital shop windows, to boost footfall over the seasonal peak

Read our case study

Digital Window Displays for Retail

Channel Partner Rental

Bell act as the loan partner for many organisations that have used our services for over 20 years to help grow sales and market share, including:

Discounted and Free Vendor Evaluation Services

Bell is able to offer easy to manage programs that you can apply for online with stock available for next day shipping. We provide the highest level of customer service where every order is configured and tested prior to delivery, with installation and additional professional services available on request. Hardware support is standard with every evaluation.

server rental

We provide our vendor partners a variety of services to manage, maintain and grow their evaluation programs. We offer:

  • Admin support with an internal dedicated team
  • The ability to charge the partner for the cost of logistics
  • A bespoke in-house web portal that allows for real-time stock checks, ordering, tracking and reporting
  • A customer website to allow for online application
  • E-shots and telemarketing into Bell’s channel database to promote the program
  • Marketing collateral and sales aids designed to help the vendor promote the service internally and externally
  • The support of the Bell sales team who will actively promote the service

To find out more please visit Hamilton Rentals

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