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Lab as a Service

Access to innovation labs can boost digital transformation initiatives by streamlining the process from idea generation to implementation

Providing a collaborative ecosystem for proof of concept and education, customers can design, build, demonstrate and test innovative technology products and integrated architectural solutions prior to purchase.

The multi-vendor Lab as a Service (LaaS) environment enables customers to access technology evaluation and live testing that includes product, application and platform comparisons, product benchmarking, design validation, migration support, functionality testing, PoC and testing for integration into public cloud platforms.


Why work with Bell Integration

Boost digital transformation initiatives

Streamlining the process from idea generation to implementation.

Vendor Agnostic

Compare multiple vendor solutions and combinations of products, applications and platforms.

Proof of Concept

Validate your design to ensure the best possible solution fit, prior to purchase.

Fast Deployment

Utilise our buying power, engineering and logistics to enable rapid solution delivery

Mitigate Migration Risk

Access proven migration methodologies to reduce risk and speed up integration

Deploy, Monitor, Manage & Optimise

We providing a complete portfolio of services to reduce the cost, time and risk that comes with modernising and managing enterprise hybrid infrastructure.

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