OneSource - IBM Software and Services Procurement

Bell Integration OneSource procurement allows IBM Business Partners to transact software sales, consulting, hardware and support services without the need to hold the appropriate accreditations

The Challenge

Many IBM business partners lack the accreditations required to source IBM products at best possible price. More often than not if a business partner cannot transact the software or services required by its’ customers they simply find a supplier that can.

The Solution

Bell Integration works as a mini distributor, selling IBM software on a Business Partner’s behalf. Bell transacts the sale with pre-agreed discounted rates, while the original Business Partner retains the ongoing client relationship.

Why use OneSource


Availability and price -Bell Integration has been established for over 20 years and has achieved Platinum partner status, allowing us to sell the entire IBM portfolio and obtain deep discounts.


Ease of use -Partners can procure by simply contacting Bell Onesource. Typically Bell Integration can provide a quote or transact the sale within one working day.


Expertise -In addition to software Bell Integration can provide wealth of experience and complimentary services. Including consultancy, implementation and support.


Increase service offering & maximise sales -Allow the partner to expand into new market segments while using the Bell Integration team to administrate the process.


Maintain customer relationships -Business partners retain the ongoing client relationship, servicing their needs and optimising satisfaction.


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